Predator riding Xenomorph bike spotted on highway in Thailand, new film set for release in September

A real-life Predator was spotted last week in Thailand.
MSN screengrab

It seems the Thais are big fans of “Predator“, the sci-fi horror franchise kick-started by a 1987 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Three years ago, a fanatic was profiled by the media for his elaborate costume and chopper which were both inspired by the series.

Then just last Friday (June 15), another unidentified Predator was spotted on its Xenomorph bike – inspired by the crossover “Alien vs Predator” movie – on Thailand’s northeast highway.

The sighting was reported on MSN with a video filmed by another motorist in Mukdahan.

Despite drawing stares from on-lookers and other road users, the Predator continued cruising down the highway coolly. The cosplayer was believed to be making his way to a conference, said the report.

A new film called “The Predator” will be released in September.