Razer just announced 2 more partnerships – here’s how they will help build its ambitious Razer Pay system

Razer announced three new partnerships this week with Nets, a UOB fintech accelerator, and Singapore-based digital security firm V-Key.
  • In September, Razer inked partnerships with UOB and Singtel
  • This week, it announced three new collaborations – with local e-payment giant Nets, Singapore-based digital security firm V-Key, and a fintech and innovation accelerator under UOB
  • All these partnerships are expected to supercharge its ambitions for Razer Pay to hit 1 million users by April 2019 and become the country’s common e-payment platform

Razer’s been busy.

The gaming company announced three new partnerships this week (and it’s only Tuesday), all geared at boosting its e-payment system Razer Pay.

One announcement for a partnership with e-payment giant Nets was made yesterday (Nov 12), and two more – with digital security firm V-Key and United Overseas Bank (UOB) fintech accelerator The FinLab – followed today (Nov 13).

“The collaboration among Razer, UOB and The FinLab lays the groundwork for the smooth roll-out of Razer Pay across Southeast Asia in the coming year,” Razer said in a statement.

V-Key, a Singapore-based digital security company operating across Asean, counts governments, banks and Alibaba’s Alipay among its clients.

The company’s “seamless app-to-app user authentication and authorisation mechanism” will be applied to Razer Pay to give users secure online identities and transactions, Razer said. V-Key will also develop safeguards for the Razer Pay app to protect its “million-strong network of merchant acceptance points in Asean”.

The partnership extends beyond Razer Pay as well. V-Key will strengthen authentication and security processes for the global Razer ecosystem, and its V-OS could potentially be applied to all Razer computers and applications.

V-OS is a security platform that V-Key claims has been stress-tested by financial services companies and regulatory bodies, including the Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore.

V-Key’s president, Joseph Gan, said in a statement that the partnership would allow “the same trusted technologies that have been deployed by banks and governments” to be used in the gaming industry.

Meanwhile, UOB’s The FinLab will help Razer design and test ways to improve the transparency and speed of cross-border remittances using blockchain.

Razer will spearhead technical and product development, while The FinLab will give advice on areas such as the sending and receiving of remittance messages.

Razer added that UOB will process payments for Razer Pay’s global network, and offer “competitive” exchange rates to Singapore users who make in-app purchases in a foreign currency.

Earlier in September, Razer announced it had inked partnerships with UOB and Singtel, and was aiming to create a common e-payment platform for Singapore with one million users by April 2019.

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