This Chinese smartphone brand sells out in minutes and is currently only available in India

Realme split from OPPO, the 4th biggest phone maker in the world, in July.

Two minutes after launching in India, the first phone by budget smartphone brand Realme sold out and made it onto Amazon’s bestseller list. Its batch of 400,000 phones was also snapped up in two months.

Now, its second phone – the US$124 Realme2 – has sold 200,000 units in under five minutes. It’s also sold out on many online sites.

Realme, which was established in May this year, designs phones primarily for the India market. It split from parent OPPO – the world’s fourth biggest phone maker – in July, and is now run by “a bunch of young people who have rich experience in the smartphone industry across countries,” the company said in a release.

Its popular “youth-centric” phones are cheap, look modern, operate quickly and boast up-to-date features – qualities that global youth expect from their phones, but are not offered by many phone makers, the company added.

The brand has a special arrangement with Amazon to launch its phones online in India first, before they’re sold elsewhere.