Thought ‘Rendangate’ was over? This Malaysian celebrity chef is fanning the flames with his scathing Instagram post

Malaysian celebrity chef Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, better known as Chef Wan.
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With “Rendangate” opening the floodgates to an endless flurry of social media commentary, mockery and parody, the controversy seems far from reaching its conclusion.

And now, Malaysian celebrity chef Datuk Redzuawan Ismail – better known as Chef Wan – has joined in the fray with his latest Instagram post which mercilessly lambastes MasterChef UK’s judges.

In his Instagram post on Thursday (Apr 5), Chef Wan called MasterChef judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode “clowns caught with their pants down” for allegedly lying, twisting and turning their “unfair comments” made against Malaysian contestant Zaleha Kadir Olpin.

Morning! Did u see those two clowns caught with their pants down, lied, twist and turn their reasons for all that unfair comments made to Puan Zaleha? I loved watching Greg lying as it show on his face. Its obvious🤣 U are a judge and u cant tell the different between a chicken that is undercook ( lets give this clowns the benefit of the doubt if CW is the judge in court ok) and Crispy plus all that sauce he can eat crap excuses? If i was in both their shoe as a judge i would have cut the chicken where the thickest part of the thigh and if its not cook i would have told and show to Zaleha ” Look did u see how raw still this chicken is? Straight to the point which we most professional judges would do in any competition. U cant tell the diff between under cook chicken and a crispy chicken u should be ashame of yourself and leave that Masterchef job! Ohhh i like the UK ITV host giving back to this clown and watch their face responding to another excuses. ” You said Crispy Greg!” “You should know that John!”. Hee hee u both want to lie and she gave them straight on their face for twisting their words. Ohhh now Zaleha reason to leave the Masterchef is not because the chicken was not crispy enough but because there were other cooks better than her? Look idiot, no one is disputing others are better ok? But be fair and well informed in your critic and judgement! I cannot stand people who cannot suck up to their own mistake instead will beat around the bush and make a fool of themselves. In every judging all the judges will do their final debate among each others anyway. My question to John u have cooked Rendang before and why didnt u tell that clone head clown of yours that he cannot used the word crispy as Rendang are not meant to be crispy anyway? Looking at that chicken as a cook myself yes he could use a proper way by telling Zaleha ” Zaleha i would like your chicken to be cook longer so that the meat is softer as most Rendang should turn out to be.I can understand u have limited time but u should have act and time yourself properly given the fact u have certain no of hours to complete your dish. Perhaps u just have so many dishes going about for this Nasi Lemak”

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“You can’t tell the difference between undercooked chicken and a crispy chicken, you should be ashamed of yourself and leave that MasterChef job!” Chef Wan wrote.

He was referring to Wallace and Torode’s questionable remarks made about Zaleha’s chicken rendang on British television programme Good Morning Britain (GMB) on Wednesday (Apr 4).

One of these was Wallace’s claim that her chicken “simply wasn’t cooked”.

Chef Wan offered his opinion on how he would have dealt with the situation during the quarter-final episode of the show.

He said that he would have cut the chicken at the thickest part of the thigh to evaluate if the chicken was cooked and inform Zaleha about the result concisely.

Being straight to the point is what most professional judges would do in any competition, Chef Wan added.

Wallace claimed Zaleha’s chicken rendang was not what led to her elimination from the show, rather it was the other chefs being better than her.

In response, Chef Wan said there was no dispute over which chefs were better, noting that Wallace and Torode had to be “fair and well informed” in their critique and judgement.

To add insult to injury, he praised GMB’s Kate Garraway for confronting the two judges about dubious statements they made.

He wrote: “You both wanted to lie and she gave it to them straight to their face for twisting their words.”

“I cannot stand people who cannot suck up to their own mistakes and will instead beat around the bush and make a fool of themselves.”