Richard Branson’s 2018 resolution is to get fit enough to go to space – and he has a tip for how you can achieve your dreams

It’s that time of the year when resolutions are made and shared with family and friends.

But over the course of the year, it’s very likely that those plans to be better at something will get forgotten – much like that hangover on New Year’s Day.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to make that resolution happen in 2018 and one way to ensure you do, is to write it down, according to Sir Richard Branson.

In a Jan 1 post on his Virgin website, he said that making lists of things he wants to achieve helps him to make sense of his ideas and track his progress.

Sharing the post on LinkedIn, he wrote: “Some of Virgin’s most successful companies have been born from random moments. If I hadn’t opened my notebook and written them down immediately, I would have forgotten about them.

“No matter how big, small or complex your idea is, get it in writing. It doesn’t matter if you use a pen and notebook or your iPhone – if you have a record of it, you’re more likely to make it happen. One this note, always carry a notebook, you never know when it might come in handy.”

Goals should be mixed with short-term and long-term ones and one shouldn’t be afraid to set “big goals that seem outlandish”.

Man didn’t land on the moon as a result of a small goal, right?

“If you set daily goals and work through your list every day, you can mark off every completed task with a satisfying tick. This helps keep you motivated to aim for the big targets,” said Branson.

And if you’re wondering what his own resolutions are for the year, he candidly shared that too – and it involves blasting off into space.

He wrote: “Get unbelievable fit so I’m ready for a trip into space. I’ll be doing lots of trekking to get me into top shape. When I finished the Virgin Strive Challenge in 2016 I felt like a 25-year-old again – I hadn’t felt that good in 40 years.

“I’ll also be doing some centrifuge g-force training so I’m as acclimatised as I can be for the journey.”

He shared last October that he’s about six months from going to space with his private space program Virgin Galactic.