Robert Kuok denies being anti-government, could take action against false reports

Robert Kuok
The Business Times

Billionaire Robert Kuok is fighting back against allegations that he harbours intentions to shake up the Malaysian government.

The 94-year-old’s office said in a statement released on Monday (Feb 26) that he would take “all necessary steps against” the allegations made by blogger Raja Petra Kamarudi on his website Malaysia Today.

The articles published on Malaysia Today accused Kuok of funding the Democratic Action Party and The Malaysian Insight. It also alleged that the tycoon wanted the Chinese to “rule” in Malaysia.

Following the publication of these allegations, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak publicly said that Kuok’s success was in part, due to supportive government policies.

Umno leader Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman also chimed in, saying that Kuok should not forget the “hands that fed him”.

But DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng denied receiving any contributions from Kuok, calling the accusations “baseless”.

Kuok’s office said that the articles had “cast aspersions” on his commitment to the nation and the integrity of its democratic processes.

Mr Robert Kuok wishes to state that any assertion that he has forgotten his roots are entirely false,” the statement, which was published on The Star, read.

The office further said that the accusations made against Kuok had falsely painted him as being anti-government and a “Chinese chauvinist”.

It also said the allegations “constitute very serious libel” and are “wholly unjustified”.

Adding that Kuok had a “deep appreciation for the opportunities he has had”, the statement said that the billionaire “recognises the contributions made by Malaysians” as well as the “continued commitment shared by all Malaysians in ensuring a bright future for the country”.

“Mr Kuok holds in the highest esteem the leaders of Malaysia who have throughout their lives done everything they can to contribute to the well-being of Malaysians,” his office said.