Robots aren’t coming, they’re here – and these 21 jobs are what you could be doing in 10 years


Will your job be done by a robot 10 years from now?

If so, what will you end up doing?

Over and over, experts have assured us that robots are not going to take over the world in the foreseeable future, but for some industries, the impact of robots will still be felt.

“The angst that many people are feeling in a world where machines can do everything can only be calmed by creating new, better work for people to do,” Ben Pring, vice president director of Cognizant’s Centre for the Future of Work says.

IT services company Cognizant had in 2017 predicted the creation of 21 new jobs that the rise of robots will bring. Among these were the data detective, walker or talker, fitness commitment counsellor and more.

And now there’s more.

The company’s latest report, “21 More Jobs of the Future”, continues to suggest that “the human touch is critical”, and that the world of technology will create new job opportunities for the human race.

It predicts that jobs of the future will be based on three key themes – ethical behaviour of machines and humandkind, security and safety in a scary new world, and dreams of technological-driven progress.

The report goes on to highlight four types of skills that organisations must be aware of – the eternal, the enduring, the emerging and the eroding. In the case of emerging and eroding skills, organisations must take steps now to either develop or upskill affected workers, the report says.

Eternal skills are those that are irreplaceable by technology (such as burping a baby), while enduring skills are those that have remained important over time and will continue to be central to the future (think empathising and imagining).

Here are 21 more jobs Cognizant says you can expect to do by the year 2029.

1. Data trash engineer

Data trash engineers identify and clean unused data to find hidden insights. The goal of the data trash engineer is to transform data from trash to treasure.

2. Cyber attack agent

Wars of the future will be fought on and through virtual environments, so this new type of cyber agent’s job will be to defend national infrastructure as well as undertake offensive against the nation’s adversaries.

3. Juvenile cybercrime rehabilitation counsellor

Easy money can entice youth into committing cybercrime. This new type of counsellor will work in schools and specialised centers to rehabilitate school-age convicted cyber criminals and help train them to use their talents ethically.

4. Voice UX designer

Voice UX designers will help companies leverage voice as a platform in digital customer engagement.

“Beyond amplifying customer engagement (and lowering customer acquisition costs), voice design will also improve task completion, and optimise work with virtual assistants for next-best actions and pattern matching,” the report said.

5. Joy adjutant

The future is overflowing with information and joy adjuncts will work to help declutter and organise their clients’ lives. Since less is more, people will find more joy in their relationships as a result.

6. Head of business behaviour

The key role of this job is to use behavioural data – performance data, emotional data and interaction data – of employees to improve employee engagement, productivity and well-being.

7. Smart home design manager

With the rise of smart home technology, smart home design managers will be needed to work with architects, engineers and customers to design connected homes using the latest technology in an aesthetically and environmentally friendly manner.

8. Algorithm bias auditor

This will be a compliance role to ensure algorithms used for AI are fair and legal.

9. Uni4Life coordinator

With the rise of e-learning, universities will push for lifelong learning by having coordinators use AI to guide students toward the most relevant programmes.

10. Cyber calamity forecaster

With the growth of cyber threats, cyber calamity forecasters will have to monitor, detect and forecast cyber threats, and predict their impact. The forecaster will also have to distinguish between highly improbable and wildly impossible cyber outliers, and make predictions to prepare for a cyber calamity.

11. E-sports Arena Builder

In future, there will be huge e-sports franchises for gamers, and builders will be required to construct arenas that are “politically and legis­latively energized in their respective cities”.

12. Tidewater architect

Global warming threatens the world we live in, so experts are required to help mitigate the impact of rising sea levels in cities around the globe. The tidewater architect’s primary responsibility will be the overall planning and execution of projects that work with nature.

13. Virtual identity defender

New technologies are increasingly being used to make deep fake videos and content on the web. In retaliation, there is a need for defenders to create authenticatable digital watermarks that prove the veracity of someone or something, as well as signal an illegitimate intention in their absence.

14. Head of machine personality design

Machine personality design involves giving a unique voice and character to digital products or services that will delight users and leave them wanting more.

15. Virtual reality arcade manager

In future, VR arcades will bring immersive, high-definition, multi-player experiential environments to the masses. A VR arcade manager will manage the physical arcade and liaise with central VR software developers to ensure the latest and greatest VR experiences are available and operational at all times within the arcade.

16. Vertical farm consultant

These experts will tend vertical farms and advise communities on best practices so people can eat healthier and source food locally.

17. Machine risk officer

AI presents a host of unknown challenges which will only become more pressing and surprising.

The machine risk officer will manage the potential risks that may occur if intelligent machines fail, as well as establish human-machine trust and protect a company’s brand, reputation and finances by proactively addressing machine ethics issues.

18. Subscription management specialist

Ownership is increasingly being replaced by subscriptions, and a subscription management specialist will help create frameworks of linked subscriptions to establish and advance customer familiarity, loyalty and a direct sales channel.

19. Flying car developer

These are auto/aerospace engineers who work to make flying cars a reality for the masses.

20. Haptic interface designer

This role will involve using new materials and the ability to program responsive textures to maximise the impact of outreach campaigns.

The haptic interface designer “will work at the intersection of surface haptics, sourcing textures, materials and vibrations that invite touch and connect with the audience,” the report explains.

21. Chief purpose planner

Professionals in this field will conceive, shape and launch dedicated purpose journeys for companies which wish to differentiate themselves through their contribution to society, customers and prospective employees.

And this is how soon you can expect these jobs to emerge.