Rolls-Royce is selling a champagne chest with a price tag of S$65,000 and up

Rolls-Royce’s champagne chest is priced at 37,000 British pounds before tax.

Looking for a new way to taste the stars?

Dom Perignon, the monk who is said to have discovered champagne, reportedly exclaimed after his first taste: “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!”

So if just simply tasting the stars has become too mediocre an experience, Rolls-Royce is now offering to take the bubbly experience to a whole new level.

Enter the Rolls-Royce Champagne Chest.

Priced at 37,000 British pounds (S$67,000 or RM200,000) before tax, the bespoke item was unveiled on Friday (May 17) as part of the brand’s accessory portfolio.

According to the luxury car maker, the chest is “suitable for the most extravagant of environments from a superyacht to the terrace of a private residence”.

Crafted for people who “seek a heightened sense of occasion”, the chest was designed with the same approach as that of designing a Rolls-Royce motor car, where “the finest materials are married with pinnacle engineering”, its said.

In an announcement, Rolls-Royce said that the chest has a chassis made from materials used for its high-end cars: Tudor Oak wood, machined aluminium, carbon fibre, and natural grain leather that’s embossed with the  Spirit of Ecstasy – a bonnet ornament that the luxury brand is known for.

The Spirit of Ecstasy on a Rolls-Royce bonnet.

Customers who order the chest can of course choose to have it in any colour they wish.

Pushing a button on the chest unveils a champagne set for four guests, complete with a serving set-up. The exterior lid of the chest doubles up as a Tudor Oak wood serving tray with a laser-cut stainless steel inlay. Four cotton napkins embroidered with “RR” monograms are also included.

The chest even lights up to showcase four hand-blown crystal champagne flutes, which Rolls-Royce says are arranged to evoke memories of a V12 engine. The glass of each flute is joined by a polished aluminium base, again etched with the “RR” monogram.


The sides of the chest will also automatically deploy, revealing two hammocks adorned in red leather “to cradle one’s preferred ensemble of either champagne, caviar or canapés”, Rolls-Royce said.

And of course, the chest comes equipped with thermal champagne coolers to keep your bubbly chilled.

That’s not all. If caviar is your thing, you can also order the chest with thermal caviar caissons that can each hold a 30g tin.

How should you eat the caviar, you ask? You will need Rolls-Royce’s mother-of-pearl spoons which are magnetically attached to the top of the hammock. A set of porcelain bowls concealed in a matching thermal capsule can also be ordered alongside the chest.