Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is launching in Singapore on Sept 18 and costs S$3,088

The much-awaited phone comes in two colours: Cosmos Black and Space Silver.

After months of delays, Samsung’s ambitious Galaxy Fold is finally ready for sale – making it the world’s first brand to sell phones with a foldable touchscreen.

The device will be launched on Friday (Sept 6) in Korea, followed by selected countries including Singapore, the US, UK, France and Germany, the brand announced on Thursday (Sept 5).

The phone will be available in Singapore on Sept 18 (for the Cosmos Black colour) and Sept 21 (for the Space Silver colour) at Samsung stores or local telcos.

It costs S$3,088, and comes with 12GB RAM and 512GB of storage space.

Samsung has teased the Galaxy Fold since April, but was forced to delay its launch after a disastrous and very public series of tests that saw the device severely malfunction after being unboxed by tech reviewers.

The company said it had since improved the phone’s design and construction, and created an “entirely new UX (user experience)” to make use of its ability to fold.

When closed, the users can still access “essential” features, such as the camera, on the phone’s 4.6-inch cover screen, or have apps open in multiple windows on the fully-opened 7.3-inch screen.

Videos opened on the main screen will automatically switch to the cover screen when the phone is shut.

The Galaxy Fold has six camera lenses: three on the back (wide-angle, ultra wide-angle and telephoto), two on the front (selfie and depth), and one on the cover screen (selfie).

It has no earphone jack – instead, the device will come bundled with a set of wireless Galaxy Buds.

It supports fast charging, but has no reverse charging capability.

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