The 3 types of shoe both men and women should own

The founders of a cult London shoe brand say there are 3 styles of shoe both men and women should own.

The founders of a cult London shoe brand say there are 3 styles of shoe both men and women should own.
Baudoin & Lange
  • The founders of a cult London shoe brand say there are 3 styles of shoe both men and women should own.
  • For men, it’s crucial to have a pair of loafers, slip-on sneakers, and Chelsea boots, according to Allan Baudoin of Baudoin & Lange.
  • Meanwhile, he thinks women should invest in ankle boots, high heels, and, of course, loafers again.
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If you have a steady income, there are plenty of investment items worth splurging on that will last a lifetime.

Shoes are no different, according to two fashion experts.

Business Insider spoke to Bo van Langeveld and Allan Baudoin, the founders of cult London loafer brand Baudoin & Lange who have some pretty strong opinions on good (and bad) fashion.

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The duo previously told Business Insider that “overdressing” is the absolute worst thing anyone can do.

They also believe there are 3 specific styles of shoe that both men and women should own to make their wardrobe as versatile – and long-lasting – as possible.



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Baudoin & Lange

Perhaps unsurprisingly as the cofounder of a loafer brand, Baudoin said that “a comfortable pair of elegant loafers, in dark brown or black suede” is a must. He added that tassels are great for a more classic look, while plain loafers look more modern.

“Quality and comfort are the two key factors to consider when purchasing a pair of loafers,” he said. “Are the loafers lined? Are they well-heeled? Is the material supple and soft? Will they require breaking in time? How do they feel?”

“There are multiple different things to keep in mind, along with your own sense of style, preferences and of course, your wardrobe.”

Slip-on sneakers

Baudoin believes in going uber-casual, too, and recommends a pair of “comfortable, smart-casual suede and rubber sole slip-on sneakers.”

“I would advise men to always approach how they dress for the day or the evening by thinking who they will encounter on their outing, in which environment, and how these people will likely be dressed,” he added. “On some occasions, a smart-casual sneaker is perfectly suitable and appropriate, so long as there is no compromise on overall style.”

Chelsea boots

The final pair that every man should own? “Chelsea boots in a very dark burgundy akin to dark brown,” according to Baudoin. “These pair very well with a casual pair of selvedge denim jeans for everyday wear.”


Ankle boots

Baudoin thinks a pair of “ankle boots with a mid-high heel” is perfect “for everyday use and all-day walking.”

“These would pair perfectly with denim and a white linen shirt,” he added.


And, of course, a pair of loafers, too – “soft leather slip-on loafers, preferably some that can be collapsed like ballerinas and stored in a handbag.”

Van Langeveld agreed. “In my opinion, a pair of classic black loafers is a key investment piece for any man or woman’s wardrobe. As long as the style is simple and elegant, these can be paired with smarter attire for formal occasions or more casually – they are both versatile and timeless.”

High heels

high heel

Reuters/Sigit Pamungkas

Finally, Baudoin thinks “naked” high heels are crucial for a woman’s evening wear repertoire.

“Many women wonder what makes Parisian chic what it is,” he added. “It is often about embellishing details in a subtle and natural manner and playing with the limits of nonchalance.”

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