Singapore Airlines offers business class travellers an exquisite Chinese dining concept on Singapore-China flights

Singapore Airlines’ new in-flight Chinese dining concept, Shi Quan Wei Mei (食全味美).
Singapore Airlines

Starting Jul 1, 2018, Singapore Airlines (SIA) is offering its Business Class customers a new in-flight Chinese dining concept, Shi Quan Wei Mei (食全味美) on selected flights between Singapore and Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The three-course menus take inspiration from on-board Chinese fine dining concept Shi Quan Shi Mei (食全时美), which was first made available in 2015 to the airline’s Suites and First Class customers on selected flights between Singapore and China.

Customers who select a Shi Quan Wei Mei menu can expect a Chinese-style cold dish appetiser such as fried marinated seabass and spicy tofu beef salad. Main courses including pepper braised beef brisket with turnip and carrot, and braised pork belly in pickle sauce, will be served in separate serviceware from the rice and noodles. An accompanying side dish such as pumpkin with scallion oil, and marinated cucumber will also be served.

Ending on a sweet note, the meal is complete with Chinese desserts like chilled orange scented malva nut soup as well as chilled double boiled papaya and snow fungus soup.

The menus are the creation of Shanghai-born, one Michelin-star chef Zhu Jun who is vice president and chief technology officer of the Jade Group restaurant chain.

Chef Zhu has also been a member of SIA’s International Culinary Panel since April 2009, which comprises award-winning chefs hailing from the “culinary capitals” of the world.

“The introduction of Shi Quan Wei Mei underlines Singapore Airlines’ commitment to innovation and the constant enhancement of our in-flight products and services,” said Mr Yeoh Phee Teik, SIA’s acting senior vice president for customer experience.

Chef Zhu added: “The design philosophy for the new Shi Quan Wei Mei is based on the innovative use of the freshest seasonal ingredients to showcase the essence of Chinese food culture. We hope that Singapore Airlines customers will enjoy the exquisite and delightful Chinese cuisine that we have created.”