Singaporean travellers spent more on accommodation in 2018 – here are the 10 most popular destinations, and how much they paid to stay in each of them


Singaporeans planning to travel on a budget may have a few money-saving tricks up their sleeves – but staying in a cheaper hotel isn’t one of them, it seems.’s Hotel Price Index released on March 29 has found that average accommodation prices spent by Singaporean travellers rose last year, in line with global uptrends.

The study showed that Singaporean travellers spent more on hotel accommodation in over half of the 50 most popular destinations. Of those, 13 destinations – primarily in Asia – saw double-digit percentage increases.

Top picks for travel were Bangkok, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur

The study found that nine of the 10 most popular destinations among Singaporeans last year, recorded an increase in spending on accommodation.

Bangkok – which retained its top spot as the most popular holiday destination for two years straight – saw spending on accommodation rise by 11 per cent from 2017, to S$133 (US$98) last year.

In Tokyo, which was the second most popular destination, Singaporeans spent S$228 per night on average, a 3 per cent increase from 2017.

The only city which recorded no year-on-year change from 2017 was Kuala Lumpur – the third most popular destination on the list – where travellers spent an average of S$114 on accommodation.

Taipei, and Johor rounded off the top five on the list.

The report said that amid the Brexit uncertainty, London still made it onto the list as the only non-Asian city, jumping two places to the 10th spot.

“The surge in travel could also be due to the weak performance of the British pound, which sank 0.9 per cent against the Singapore dollar in 2018,” it added.

Three Malaysian locations saw the highest increase in spending 

While Hotel Price Index’s data showed that most of these 10 countries saw an increase in spending on accommodation, the highest increase was recorded in locations within neighbouring Malaysia.

The average price spent on accommodation in Genting Highlands rose by 22 per cent to S$91, while Langkawi saw spending on accommodation increase by 21 per cent to S$203. Ipoh recorded a 16 per cent increase to S$101.

In terms of popularity, Langkawi rose two spots to land at 34th position, while Ipoh rose one spot to reach 39th on the list.

The report said: “Reduced toll charges for vehicles entering and leaving Malaysia from Singapore may have also contributed to the uptick in demand for travel and accommodation.”

Singaporeans spent the most on New York hotels

The report said that Singaporeans “splurged” on good accommodation in the US and Europe, even forking out more than S$300 per night on accommodation in some cities.

It said: “In light of growing political uncertainty and safety concerns in the United States and Europe, it comes as no surprise that Singaporeans would do away with the scrimp-and-save mentality and splurge on good accommodation.”

Of all countries, Singaporean travellers spent the most on hotels in New York – at S$368 per night. Second on the list was San Francisco where the travellers paid S$335 on hotels, followed by London (S$313).

The report said: “Interestingly, consumers are gradually regaining their confidence in travelling to Paris since the 2015 terrorist attacks, with the city ranking fourth at S$284 – a whopping 20 per cent increase since 2017 (S$237).”

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