Singaporeans only need to work 10.4 days to afford an iPhone XS, according to a study

The iPhone XS and XS Max.
Retuers / Stephen Lam

Everyone knows about the hefty price tags on the new iPhones XS and XS Max – but still, there were crazy long queues outside the Apple store at Orchard Road before the launch took place on Friday (Sept 21) morning. Why are people still buying the new iPhones despite their extremely high prices?

A study by Picodi, based on 64GB iPhone XS prices in various countries, has revealed that the iPhone XS is, in fact, not that expensive for the average Singaporean.

The study found that it would only take Singaporeans 10.4 days of employment to afford the 64GB iPhone XS, which costs S$1,649 (US$1,209), given that the average gross wage here amounts to $4,232 per month, according to the Ministry of Manpower.

This puts Singapore in the 12th place among the 42 countries considered in the research.

According to the study, the Filipinos would have to take the longest time to afford the iPhone XS, requiring over 156 working days.

Switzerland came out tops, with the average Swiss having to work only 5.1 days to afford the same phone.

Here’s the full chart released by Picodi.