Singapore’s incredibly sad Hari Raya ad just won an international film award

The Singaporean short film wins at an award at Canberra Short Film Festival.
Facebook / PUB

Popular Hari Raya short film “Kinship” has brought us to tears yet again. 

But this time, they are tears of joy and pride as the film was awarded an international film award at the 24th Canberra Short Film Festival (CSFF) on Sunday (Sept 15). 

The 6-minute film did Singapore proud as it was chosen from over 380 global entries for the prize under the under the International category (Highly Commended). According to PUB, the film, which was the only Singaporean film awarded, was lauded by the judges for great storytelling and production quality.

Kinship – PUB Hari Raya 2019

Water is a precious resource that plays a central role in many cultures. For the Malay community, water is synonymous with family ties as described in the Malay proverb ‘Air dicincang tidak akan putus’ (translated as ‘water doesn’t break apart when you chop it’).Inspired by the proverb, PUB has produced our first festive short film, in celebration of Hari Raya.Kinship is as precious as water. Make every drop count.Watch now and share it with your family and friends!

Posted by PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency on Wednesday, 29 May 2019

The short film had drawn praise from netizens when it was first uploaded on PUB’s Facebook and Youtube platforms on May 30. Described by some as “Singapore’s best-ever Hari Raya film“, it has since garnered a combined view count of over 1.5 million on both platforms.

The purpose of the short film, PUB said, was to promote the value of water through a Malay proverb – “air dicincang tidak akan putus” – which translates to “water doesn’t break apart when you chop it.” 

The story tells an emotive tale of two orphaned brothers who are separated after the elder brother is adopted. The brothers were never reunited, but the elder brother found a message left by his sibling after returning to their old hangout spot 50 years later.

Written and produced by creative agency Tribal Worldwide Singapore, and directed by Freeflow Production’s Roslee Yusof, it gathered such a positive reaction from the public that the PUB was spurred to release an audiostory sequel “Dear Din from Zul”, after a public call for ideas on how to develop the story.

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Cindy Keng, director of PUB’s 3P Network, which develops educational and publicity initiatives, said in a statement that the award was a “testament to the creativity and hard work by the teams that created the film, and also the immense support from the public”.

She added that the theme of kinship was “truly universal” and the award motivates PUB to produce higher quality public communication materials in the future. 

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