According to Apple’s digital assistant Siri, Marvel comic book legend Stan Lee had apparently died on Monday

Fans were shocked to discover that pop culture icon had died, as Siri claimed, only to realise that the information was incorrect.
Facebook/Stan Lee

Comic book fans were in for a shock this week when they were told that Marvel comic book legend Stan Lee, had passed away on Monday (July 2).

The “news” was broken by Apple’s digital assistant Siri, as reported first by CinemaBlend.

While Stan Lee is still alive and well at the sprightly age of 95, it did not stop Siri from telling users that he had “died on July 2, 2018” when asked how old he was.

Siri has since corrected the information, but it still raises questions as to how the software got it wrong.

The problem can be traced back to Lee’s Wikipedia page, according to Gizmodo.

In the recent profile history of Lee, user “&beer&love” changed Lee’s Wiki data to include a “date of death”, pronouncing him dead.

Siri gets all of its data automatically from Wiki pages, and since it could not possibly check or edit all of the information, the programme temporarily included the incorrect pronouncement of his death.

Lee’s Wikipedia page has since been adjusted and corrected too.