Sitting on a bed is one of the most common mistakes mattress shoppers make – and it could lead to years of bad sleep

Marcus Goh (above) created his own mattress brand, Hennsley, to help Singaporeans sleep better.Hennsley

Marcus Goh, founder of homegrown mattress company Hennsley, is serious about helping Singaporeans get a good night’s sleep.

Since establishing the brand in 2015, he has made it his personal mission to help his customers find the optimal mattress for their body types so they can get adequate rest every night.

Goh also seeks to keep prices affordable even though Hennsley mattresses are fitted with coils imported from America – eight-inch types which chiropractors recommend – and covered with premium fabric from Belgium.

His products are also specially engineered to reduce backache via zonal technology, and tailored specially for Singaporeans and the Singapore climate.

Business Insider visited Goh at the Hennsley showroom at Katong to find out what are the common mistakes people make while shopping for a new bed. ________________________________________________________________________

1. Don’t just sit on the mattress or use your hands to press down on it

This is one of the most common mistakes shoppers make when trying out a new mattress.

“When we sleep, we lie down so touching or sitting alone doesn’t reflect how our body will react,” he says. “Also when we lie down, our weight is distributed across the bed and we can feel the support on the back but when we sit, the support is actually on the butt.”

Goh attributes this common behaviour to shoppers being shy and admits he was once guilty of it too: “I’d ask my wife to try instead.” ________________________________________________________________________

2. Don’t buy based on what you read in a brochure or see in an advertisement

It might be tempting to purchase a new mattress based on an attractive discount or special offer but Goh says unless price is an issue, it’s always advisable to try before you buy.

He explains, “When someone says a mattress is soft or firm, it’s actually very subjective because it might mean different things to different people.”

Purchasing the wrong mattress could eventually come back to haunt you later: “Most of us use a mattress for about ten years so the effect over time can be quite detrimental to our back if we don’t pick the right one.”

Goh adds, “You also need to know which spot to concentrate on and that’s your lower back so focus on that.” ________________________________________________________________________

3. Don’t be too swayed by buzz words

The terms “latext” and “memory foam” are used a lot by mattress makers to boast about the benefits of using their products but that is also an opportunity for some of them to raise prices.

“Latex is good because because it gives you support and is bouncy; while memory foam has a layer of cushioning to ease pressure points,” shares Goh.

But not everybody needs those two features, he adds: “For ladies who are light, when they sleep on memory foam, they might not even feel it.”

Hence, the key is to not to focus too much on material but instead listen to what your body needs.

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