Skip the queues and avoid the kiasu crowds – here are 5 things you should buy online instead this CNY

Among the top things to buy online are steamboat items, heritage snacks, and unique decorations.

Prepare yourselves – Chinese New Year is coming.

The lead up to CNY traditionally means huge crowds and long queues as people rush to prepare for the festival – but for those who don’t love waiting, shoving or looking for parking, there’s a quick workaround: order everything online.

E-commerce sites like Amazon, Lazada and Shopee are selling unique CNY items, some from local and heritage brands, while several F&B businesses are also promising home delivery.

Business Insider rounded up 5 of the of the most unique and convenient items you can get online – so CNY prep can resolve itself without you leaving the sofa.

#1: Steamboat ingredients

Steamboat sets are a popular offering, but premium ingredients like lobster and wagyu beef are also available.

The sheer number of sellers offering steamboat delivery online means buyers will be spoilt for choice this year. A quick check on all major e-commerce sites showed that every one of them had steamboat items for sale. There are also many local businesses specialising in steamboat delivery, such as Happy Pot and Mr Steamboat.

Those who are selective about their ingredients may want to order ingredients individually, while those who prefer ease can order bundle sets.

Premium ingredients are also available – Amazon, for example, is selling grouper, scallops, crab and mussels, while Honestbee is offering live lobsters and wagyu beef.

Either way, this means you can skip the lines at supermarkets in the days near CNY.

Apart from ingredients, steamboat soup bases – such as those from popular chain Hai Di Lao – are also available.

No need to brave the insane Hai Di Lao queue – now you can do it at home.
Lazada/Prestigio Delights

Various steamboat and mookata pots are sold on sites like Redmart, Lazada and Taobao, and include functions like grills, hotplates, and steamers.

Some steamboat pots double up as grills.

#2: Yu sheng and main dishes

Some eateries are offering yu sheng delivery, such as this unique one from Chopsuey Cafe made with trout, kale, celeriac, blueberries and wild rice.
Chopsuey Cafe

For those who don’t want to cook, some eateries are also offering delivery on reunion dinner dishes and yu sheng.

Botanic Gardens restaurant Halia is selling braised sea cucumber and abalone, while Chopsuey Cafe is also offering an unusual yu sheng made with trout, kale, celeriac, blueberries and wild rice.

Popular food delivery app Deliveroo is also offering delivery on a number of restaurants, such as Peach Garden.

Deliveroo, Halia

Deliveroo’s delivery services are available on Jan 4 for restaurants including A-One Claypot Restaurant, Crystal Jade, Jumbo Seafood, New Ubin Seafood Restaurant, Peach Garden and Tung Lok Seafood.

Deliveroo is also available on the first day of CNY (Jan 5) for restaurants including A-One Claypot Restaurant (selected outlets), Canton Paradise, Jumbo Seafood (Dempsey outlet), Paradise Dynasty, Paradise Teochew, Peach Garden and Soup Restaurant.

#3: CNY snacks

Those with adventurous palates can opt for pineapple tarts with flavours like purple sweet potato, rosé, and pandan with coconut.

Apart from home bakers offering handmade CNY snacks online, a number of heritage bakeries are also offering delivery on various sites.

Kele – whose pineapple tarts often rank online among the best in Singapore – is selling its products on Amazon, which is also offering handmade bak kwa from Kim Joo Guan and almond puff cookies from Chinese restaurant Crystal Jade.

Meanwhile, Gin Thye, a second-generation family business famous for making traditional pastries and cookies, is listing its offerings on Lazada.

Snacks on offer include sesame salted egg yolk cookies, honey kueh bahlu, and crispy crabsticks.

Even hawker food delivery site Makan Kaki will deliver Kueh Lapis from Glory Catering and bak kwa from Bee Kim Heng just for the CNY period.

The best part? These popular brands often suffer long lines at CNY – so buying online saves you from queuing at their physical stores.

#4: Decorations

Granted, decoration aren’t heavy, but buying them online means you can score some more unusual items.

Love lion dance? You can get a themed tissue paper box or a pet outfit.
Shopee, AliExpress


There’s a lego set based on a CNY reunion dinner, and Singlish CNY cushions.
Shopee, Qoo10

Those who prefer a more traditional look can get decorations from stores like Offer & Save, a second-generation local business with over 30 shops in heartland areas.

It’s listing its products for delivery on Lazada.

Other useful items include mahjong and poker card sets for playing games.

#5: Heavy items 

Arguably, the items most worth getting delivery for are those that are heavy, bulky, and hard to transport home. These include soft drinks, beer, wine, gift hampers, and canned food such as New Moon abalone – which is offered on sites like Redmart and Amazon.

Another major category is home appliances and cleaning equipment, which will come in handy for spring cleaning. Alibaba, for example, will deliver an electric mop cleaner “for lazy people” right to your door, a portable dishwasher, or a battery-powered handheld jet for washing your car before the visiting period.

The dishwasher will deal with all the dishes after reunion meals.
Tmall, Tmall

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Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that the unicorn lo hei and suckling pig dishes from Habitat by Honestbee were available for home delivery. Honestbee has since amended its statement to clarify that these dishes require self-collection.