Holidaymakers from Asia Pacific are searching for snow, according to a resort chain

Snow-loving holidaymakers are on the rise in Asia Pacific.
Club Med

Club Med has released the world’s first Asia Pacific Snow Holiday report and the results show that the region is falling in love with snow holidays. The survey was conducted across 11 markets had a total of 5,500 respondents from China to Australia. Here’s what Club Med found.

Asia Pacific’s growing wealth

According to global consultancy group Capgemini’s World Wealth Report 2017, Asia Pacific dominates as the world’s richest region as it remains the world’s largest-HNWI market.

Club Med discovered that in the last three years, there were around 238 million travellers from Asia Pacific who went on snow holidays — and Club Med attributes the rising numbers to the region’s growing wealth.

It found that 85% of Asian snow holiday goers enjoy a household income of US$4,000 or more – significantly higher than the general Asia Pacific population at 33%.

Women are leading

Snow holidays are traditionally male-dominated, but some markets point to a stronger female base.

Countries that showed greater biases towards female snow holidaymakers include Singapore (56%), Malaysia (58%), Hong Kong SAR (57%), and Australia (54%).

Japan (83%) and India (70%) had clear male strongholds though.

However, contrary to popular belief, many of these travellers are not just there to ski or snowboard.

More than skiing and snowboarding

The survey conducted by Club Med revealed the main reasons why travellers form this region go on snow holidays.

With food at the heart of many Asian cultures, it is no surprise to see that eating local delicacies (53%) tops the list.

Spending time with family and friends (51%) came in second, and “other fun mountain activities” (50%) came in third.

A significant 29% of respondents also cited “doing nothing” as a reason to go to a mountain destination, indicating a desire to just “get away from it all” and enjoy their environment.

Favourite snow destinations

Nine out of ten markets reported Hokkaido, Japan as their top choice for a snow holiday region, for its scenery, abundance of activities, powder snow and cuisine.

South Korea came in second place and Switzerland came in third.