Starbucks Singapore’s new CNY merchandise is so cute, fans will want to hog them all

It’s time for Lunar New Year merchandise to flood the stores again.

If you live in Singapore, you’ll know that the more adorable the zodiac animal for the year is, the better the merchandise that comes with it.

Starbucks Singapore produces some of the most popular limited edition themed merchandise each year, and the upcoming year of the boar is no exception.

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On Thursday (Jan 3), Starbucks released the promotional photos for its Chinese New Year collection on Facebook.

This year, the American coffee chain has launched a wide variety of cute pig-themed items, ranging from ceramic canisters to pig-shaped teaspoons and even piggy banks.

But is it all worth hogging?

If you’re not the type who likes animals or cute things, you can move along.

Here’s what’s available this year:

Of course there’s a Starbucks card with a pig on it.

Starbucks Singapore

The Starbucks Bearista is dressed in piglet for the year 2019.

A variety of bottles and flasks sporting various pig-themed designs are also available.

Starbucks Singapore

Some designs are more fanciful than others

Starbucks Singapore

This range is quite minimalist, and relies heavily on the colour pink for its cuteness.

There’s even a money pouch.

Starbucks Singapore

Some feature red lids in the spirit of Chinese New Year.

Starbucks Singapore

But if you are really superstitious and want to go all out with the “huat” (prosper in local dialect) factor, there’s also this series in red.

It even features a very Japanese-inspired piggy bank!

Starbucks Singapore

This set features a different design from the rest, one is a drinking glass and the other is a plastic flask comes with a cap that looks like a pig’s head.

Starbucks Singapore

A ceramic canister and teapot are also available, but these are available only at certain outlets, Starbucks says.

There is also a stripey mug with a teaspoon shaped like a pig.

Starbucks Singapore

Those who really love pigs will probably appreciate these pig mugs the most.

Starbucks Singapore

Drawstring pouches for all sorts of knickknacks.

Starbucks Singapore

And of course there are red packets (hongbao), but they’re not for sale.

Gold tier members will receive them with purchase of any item from the Lunar New Year collection, except for Starbucks Cards.

Starbucks Singapore

But if you just want CNY-themed merchandise that’s not screaming “Year of the Pig!”, you can count on these red and white bags bearing Starbucks’ Mandarin name “Xing Ba Ke”.

Suitable for National Day too.

Starbucks Singapore