Stunning shots of the supermoon from Singapore and around the world

The supermoon in Singapore’s night sky on Feb 19, 2019.
The Straits Times

Human beings on Earth may not be able to play among the stars, but it sure seemed like many of us were flown to the moon on Tuesday (Feb 19) night.

The supermoon, said to be the biggest and brightest this year, lit up the sky as many families gathered to celebrate Lantern Festival or Chap Goh Meh – the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration.

According to the Science Centre Singapore, the best time to view the moon was at 7.30pm, during moonrise.

The Stargazing Singapore community page on Facebook also said that the full moon last night was known as the Full Snow Moon.

An administrator of the page said in a post that there will be another supermoon in March.

The Straits Times reported that many astronomy enthusiasts and photographers flocked to Bedok Jetty to catch the sight.

During a supermoon, the moon appears bigger and brighter as the full moon’s orbit is closest to Earth. The colour of the moon is affected by particles in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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The supermoon could also be viewed clearly from other parts of the world, from Australia to New York. And judging by the photos flooding social media, many Earthlings stopped what they were doing to take in the spectacular view.

Here are some photos of the supermoon seen from cities across the world.

Bedok Jetty in Singapore.

The Straits Times

The full moon seen from behind a lamp post at Bedok Jetty in Singapore.

The Straits Times

Singapore Flyer in Singapore

The Straits Times

A photo posted by Capture Asia Photography from Singapore.

By photographer Lilian Koh in Singapore.

The supermoon took a slight yellow tinge at 8.27pm in Singapore.

The Straits Times

The snow moon next to a ferris wheel pod in downtown Malaga, southern Spain.


Behind St Paul’s Cathedral in Mdina, Malta.


This photo posted by Asahi Shimbun on Twitter shows the supermoon hanging over Mount Fuji.

A photo of the supermoon taken by Michael Busch from Brookhaven, New York.


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A photo of the supermoon posted by Tom Purdy from the US state of Wisconsin.

Seen by Instagram user arielitorose from Miami in Florida.

A photo from New York taken by Steven Horwitz and posted on Instagram.

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