Sunday is World Chocolate Day: here are 5 Singapore brands selling wacky flavours like fish curry and laksa chocolate

These salted egg yolk bonbons from local brand Demochoco are coated in cereal flakes fried in brown butter with chilli padi and curry leaves.

We hope you have a sweet Sunday this weekend – because it’s World Chocolate Day.

The July 7 celebration commemorates the day in 1550 when cocoa – a key ingredient in chocolate – was introduced to Europe, marking the beginnings of the widely-loved dessert.

In recent years, Singaporean chocolate brands have been introducing their own local spins on the treat, with combinations ranging from complementary (kaya, gula melaka), to adventurous (salted egg yolk, chilli), to downright weird (fish curry, Chinese 5 spice, orchids).

Business Insider rounded up five local brands selling chocolates with some of the most unique flavours:

#1. Fossa Chocolate: Kaya toast and satay sauce chocolate bars

Facebook/Fossa Chocolate

The brand, which is founded by three milliennials: Yilina Leong, 28, Jay Chua, 31, and Charis Chia, 25, is offering a “Singaporean Breakfast” flavoured chocolate with bits of toasted bread and coconut milk infused with pandan.

Other unique flavours include a chilli peanut praline that’s supposed to taste like satay sauce, and a salted egg yolk bar with cereal bits.

There are also chocolate bars flavoured with seafood and seaweed, such as a shrimp and bonito chocolate inspired by Japan’s Tsukiji fish market.

#2. Anjalichocolat: Chinese 5 spice and Singapore Sling bonbons


Singaporean founder Anjali Gupta, has a box of entirely Singapore-themed chocolates, with flavours like pandan kaya toast, Singapore Sling, and teh tarik.

Other flavours in the box include Chinese five spice, gula melaka, mango pudding, pineapple, lemongrass coconut, and a peanut praline with chilli and lime.

Another two unique flavours (which are not part of the Singapore collection) are Mayan chilli and star anise.

The chilli bonbon is filled with a dark chocolate ganache infused whole red chillies, while the star anise bonbon is is filled with a dark chocolate ganache infused with the Asian spice.

#3. Demochoco: Salted egg yolk and cereal truffles


Demochoco founder Lim Jialiang, 29, makes this chocolate – which was inspired by zi char dishes – by infusing white chocolate with mashed salted egg yolks sourced from Kai Yong Huat, a local egg importer.

The chocolates are then coated in cereal flakes fried in brown butter with chilli padi and curry leaves – a spicy mixture meant to counter the chocolate’s richness.

Unfortunately, the salted egg yolk chocolate is currently sold out on the brand’s website, but it does still have stocks of its “Singapurr Story” truffles, which are flavoured with miso, coconut and gula melaka.

The coconut flakes on the chocolate were inspired by ondeh-ondeh, Lim said in a blog post.

The brand previously also sold a chocolate bar flavoured with hae bee hiam (spicy dried shrimp).

#4. Chocoelf: orchid and fish curry chocolate bars

Chocoelf website screenshot

This sugar-free snacks brand,which was established in 2005 by founders Lim Wee Bin and Josephine Lee, have a shop in Ngee Ann City.

Their chocolates feature flavours like curry, kaya, orchid, durian, ginseng, and chrysanthemum, and are sweetened with maltitol, a naturally occurring sugar alcohol found in corn and wheat.

The curry-flavoured chocolate includes curry leaves and turmeric, while the orchid flavour features a “heady sweet fragrance of flowers”.

Other Singapore-themed flavours include Singapore Sling (a chocolate with liqueur) and Chilli Pepper, which is inspired by chilli and black pepper crabs.

#5. Janice Wong: laksa and bak kwa bonbons

Janice Wong website

Singapore’s “Dessert Queen” – 36-year-old, award-winning local chef Janice Wong – sells  20 types of chocolate bonbons, of which about half are local flavours like chilli padi, mango curry, laksa leaf lemongrass, and bak kwa with popping candy.

Wong’s hand-painted chocolates are known for looking like mini works of art, and are inspired by memories of her own childhood.

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