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1MDB’s former CEO Arul Kanda has been arrested

His lawyer said that he will be charged alongside former prime minister Najib Razak, who was arrested a day earlier.

Former Malaysia prime minister Najib arrested over 1MDB audit report

Reports say Najib was arrested at around 11am at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission headquarters.

Jho Low says he ‘cannot get a fair trial’ in Malaysia, where ‘guilt has been predetermined by politics’

"It is clear that Mr. Low cannot get a fair trial in Malaysia, where the regime has proven numerous times that they have no interest in the rule of law," Low's statement said.

Malaysia’s Education Minister plans to put 1MDB in history textbooks

"Do not use our children, do not persecute their future," Najib said in response.

Bank Rakyat chairman dismissed after allegations that former PM Najib’s office ordered changes to 1MDB audit report

Bank Rakyat board chairman Tan Sri Shukry Mohd Salleh has been removed from his post as a result of the audit report.

Najib talks about Jho Low, blames 1MDB controversy on Goldman Sachs, auditors and lawyer

But Najib later took to Facebook to say that headlines about him admitting that Low “cheated” Malaysia did not tell the whole story, The Star reported.

Abu Dhabi’s IPIC files lawsuit against Goldman Sachs, others over 1MDB case

IPIC alleges Goldman "played a central role in a long-running effort to corrupt former executives of IPIC and its subsidiary Aabar Investments, and mislead IPIC and Aabar."

A Middle Eastern investment giant is suing Goldman Sachs over the ‘massive international conspiracy’ of the 1MDB scandal

Abu Dhabi's IPIC filed a lawsuit in New York on Wednesday against Goldman Sachs seeking to recover losses from the 1MDB fund.