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Bill Clinton is calling for a return to paper ballot system in US elections.

Bill Clinton says every US state should return to ‘some sort of paper ballot system’ to stop elections from being hacked

The former president said US elections were at too much risk from cyberterrorism, and that voters should go back to voting with pen and paper until officials know how to deal with the threat. Hackers backed by the Russian government targeted election systems during the 2016 presidential election.

Nearly 1,000 Russian trolls were banned from Reddit — here’s what they were posting about

There was a lot of the politically-charged content you'd expect, and a ton of surprises.
Jim Carrey.

Actor Jim Carrey says he’s deleting his Facebook page and dumping stock because the company ‘profited’ from Russian election meddlin...

Jim Carrey said he's dumping his Facebook stock and deleting his Facebook page because the social network "profited" from Russian interference in US elections.

Sheryl Sandberg reveals when Facebook first started noticing it had a Russia ad problem

Facebook's chief operating officer was interviewed in Washington, DC, by Mike Allen of the news website Axios.

Hillary Clinton on what she’d change about the 2016 election: ‘I’d win’

The Globe cites a now-deleted tweet from Wellesly saying that when asked by a student what she'd change about her 2016 campaign, Cllinton answered "I'd win."

Megyn Kelly reportedly accuses Donald Trump of threats and harassment in new book

The Fox News anchor's book recounts brushes with President-elect Donald Trump during this campaign, according to a New York Times review.

A woman in New York stumbled upon Hillary Clinton taking a hike

It was the first reported time the Democratic nominee had been seen in public after conceding the presidential race to Donald Trump.

Google made it incredibly easy to figure out where you should go to vote on Election Day

Clicking a button on Google — or typing a specific phrase — will show you where your polling location is before Election Day on November 8.

Political scientists lay out 9 ways Donald Trump is endangering American democracy

Donald Trump's campaign has political scientists abandoning their commitment to remain bipartisan.

Where Hillary Clinton stands on foreign policy

Some of the most daunting tasks facing the next president come in the realm of foreign policy. Here's where the candidates stand.