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Marines assigned to Combat Logistics Battalion-26, 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, take cover from demolitions during sustainment training at Camp Titin, Jordan, July 8, 2018.

These are the most incredible photos of the US Marines in 2018

As always, US Marines were busy in 2018. With the year coming to a close, we rounded up some of the best Marine photos to highlight their actions.
Wayne Farms recalled 450,000 pounds of frozen chicken products.

17 of the biggest food recalls of the year

Food is recalled regularly. Here are 17 of the biggest recalls this year, from lettuce to Goldfish to beef.
Returning TV shows let us catch up with our favorite characters.

The 20 most-watched returning TV shows of 2018

These TV shows are some well-loved favorites. We rounded up some of the most-watched shows of the year that have returned for another season.

The 12 most ridiculous and infuriating reasons people called the cops this year

People consistently call the police for frivolous reasons. And it's remarkably common for white people to call them on black people for nothing at all.

13 of the wildest things celebrities said this year

Looking back, 2018 might just take the cake as being the year of the verbal faux pas. Here are 13 of the wildest things celebrities said this year.
"13 Reasons Why" was the most-watched Netflix show of 2018.

The 20 most-watched Netflix shows of 2018

Netflix released a lot of original content this year but these have been the most popular titles of the year.
2018 brought many shocking TV moments.

10 of the most shocking moments from your favorite TV shows in 2018

From NBC's "This is Us" to Netflix's "The Handmaid's Tale," 2018 was a big year in television with some seriously shocking moments.

Claire McCaskill says she fears Democrats won’t ever win back senate majority, and slams her own party for not embracing moderates

"Everyone gets in their own bubble. And when you're in that kind of echo chamber, it feels very scary to step outside of it," McCaskill said.

Republicans are scrambling to save some of Trump’s biggest campaign promises before Democrats take over Congress

Congressional Republicans are running out of time to pass Trump-supported legislation before next Congress convenes.

Nancy Pelosi just passed her first test toward becoming House speaker with flying colors, but there’s still trouble ahead

Nancy Pelosi won the caucus vote to become the next speaker of the House on Wednesday, but still faces a more difficult challenge.