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How a basketball podcast between 3 college friends became ‘The Starters,’ a hit TV show and a staple in the NBA world

"The Starters" is a true start-up story, as a podcast between three friends 13 years ago has become a nightly TV show with a ravenous fan base.

The 7 topics that dominated All-Star Weekend reveal that the most interesting races to watch don’t include the most important race in the NBA

With the NBA season entering its stretch run, the basketball world is watching the MVP race, the Lakers playoff push, and the top of the East, even though nobody thinks anyone can beat the Warriors.

Bucks GM Jon Horst talks Giannis Antetokounmpo, the team’s big signings and trades, and building the team that could threaten the Warriors

Bucks GM Jon Horst said he believes the team can truly contend for a championship, but he wants to keep the team together, regardless.

The GM of the Milwaukee Bucks — the No. 1 team in the NBA — explains why he believes they’ve built a legitimate contender

The Milwaukee Bucks have all the makings of a contender, from a superstar player and supporting cast, to numbers that stack up with previous champions.
Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are set to meet in an absolutely electric AFC Championship.

The diets of the best basketball players in the world show how insane Tom Brady’s lifestyle really is

While most NBA players watch what they eat and attempt to eat clean, they aren't fanatical about what they put in their bodies. Tom Brady is in a league of his own.

LeBron James has been dominant for so long that many of his opponents were in grade school when James made his first All-Star Game

LeBron James' first All-Star Game took place in February 2005. The players he now plays against were in grade school, dreaming of playing in the NBA back then.

Knicks guard Dennis Smith Jr. talks being in the Kristaps Porzingis blockbuster, what fans don’t realize about trades, eating octopus, and jumpi...

Dennis Smith Jr. has had a whirlwind few weeks, from being dealt to the Knicks to jumping over J. Cole in the dunk contest. He's handling it all smoothly.

LeBron James had a great answer for why he doesn’t talk about his NBA career with his kids

LeBron James said he can give his kids the "blueprint" to being successful, but ultimately, they will have to make their own decisions and choose their own path in life.

The Anthony Davis trade saga that rocked the NBA world is still hanging over the league on its biggest weekend

Anthony Davis' trade request remains a major talking point at the NBA All-Star Weekend and in league circles, and it's likely to continue for months.

Adam Silver roasted Dirk Nowitzki at his All-Star Weekend press conference

When Adam Silver saw Dirk Nowitzki running up and down the court, he knew he was headed toward retirement.