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Michael Bloomberg says he will not accept political donations in his 2020 campaign or a presidential salary if he wins

Bloomberg officially announced a presidential bid on Saturday. Earlier in the year he said he wouldn't run.
Michael Bloomberg.

Mike Bloomberg spent more on TV ads in one week than nearly all of his potential Democratic candidates have in a year

Bloomberg reportedly dropped $30 million on a series of 60-second ads that will run next week in at least 29 states across the US.

Andrew Yang wants you to make money off your data by making it your personal property

Andrew Yang released a four-pronged policy proposal Wednesday that, among other things, would give users more control over their data.

‘Never say never:’ Hillary Clinton says ‘many, many, many, people’ are pressuring her throw her hat into the 2020 ring

"But as of this moment sitting here in this studio talking to you that is absolutely not in my plans," she continued in an interview with BBC 5 Radio.
Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren on a campaign swing through Fairfield, Iowa.

Elizabeth Warren and her husband are worth an estimated $12 million. Here’s a look at the lifestyle, finances, and real-estate portfolio of one ...

Warren's wealth is held mostly in retirement accounts and real estate. She and her husband own a house in Massachusetts and a condo in Washington, DC.

George Soros doesn’t think Wall Street will determine the 2020 election

He also told The New York Times that Elizabeth Warren has emerged as the candidate to beat, but that he is not endorsing her.
Dick's Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack.

Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO who led the chain in ending assault rifle sales and destroying $5 million in guns is reportedly testing the idea of a ...

A new report from Politico said that a focus group in Wisconsin was asked to compare Dick's Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack to presidential candidates.

Mark Zuckerberg confirms that some Facebook employees are in contact with Elizabeth Warren’s campaign after she sparred with the company over it...

Mark Zuckerberg told NBC Nightly News that Facebook staff has been in contact with the Warren campaign, although he hasn't spoken with her personally.
South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have reportedly been privately recommending hires for the Buttigieg campaign

Two staffers have been hired to the Buttigieg campaign on Mark Zuckerberg's recommendation, Bloomberg reported.

We asked every 2020 Democrat how they would approach a trade war that has shaken the global economy. Only a handful of them had a plan.

Many of the Democratic campaigns demurred, underscoring the awkward spot Trump has put the party in.