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Once you know the questions to ask, finding the answer is easier than you think.

I’m a financial planner — here are the 5 most important questions about money you should be asking yourself

As a certified financial planner, I've seen how hard it is find answers to your money questions. But it's not as hard as you think.
Using a SEP IRA, then a Solo 401(k), can let you save a lot for retirement. The author is not pictured.

2 under-the-radar tools helped me save more than ever after leaving my job

Holly Johnson is self-employed, and she uses a SEP IRA and a Solo 401(k) to save more money for retirement than she ever did before.
A 401(k) rollover isn't as complicated as it sounds.

A simple strategy can make retirement savings less complicated, no matter how many jobs you’ve held and accounts you’ve opened

If you're hoping to roll over your existing 401(k) into a rollover IRA, here's how it works.
If you're saving for retirement as a couple, max out your 401(k).

Dual-income couples tend to make a major mistake that jeopardizes their retirement

Saving for retirement as a couple isn't too different from saving on your own. It's always best to max out tax-advantaged accounts, such as 401(k)s.
Fees alone aren't enough reason not to use a 401(k).

The difference between typical and expensive 401(k) fees can come down to a single percentage point, but most people have no idea what they’re p...

Fees alone aren't enough reason not to use a 401(k), but being charged 2% or more means that money might be better off elsewhere.
Do you have enough money to retire?

7 signs you might not have enough money to retire

If you're still paying off debt and put off saving for retirement until later in life, retiring may be further away than you like.
Ask for a raise — or change jobs.

8 things you can do today to be richer in 2019

Finding cheaper housing can help you save more with little effort, as can setting up automatic savings.
About 7.5 million Californians don't have access to employer-sponsored retirement plans right now.

It’s about to get easier for millions of California workers to save for retirement

CalSavers requires employers in California without a company-sponsored retirement plan to offer employees an individual retirement account, or IRA.

7 tips to help make saving for retirement easier, according to a financial planner

By eliminating a few everyday expenses, you’ll see that putting money aside for retirement is simpler than you think. Here, a certified financial planner (CFP) shares tips to make saving for retirement easier.

An $18 billion investor has 2 simple tips for young people who are serious about growing their wealth over time

Take more risk when you're younger, and if you're brave enough to pick individual stocks, start with companies whose products you use everyday. That's the advice from