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Huawei has promised a $600 5G smartphone — half the price of rival phones

Huawei's price point should terrify competitors.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple’s blockbuster legal settlement paves the way for a 5G iPhone

Apple reached a settlement with Qualcomm on Tuesday, resolving the companies' longstanding legal dispute.

Samsung’s first 5G smartphone finally has a release date in the US

The Galaxy S10 5G's availability in the US was a mystery until now.

Verizon has turned on its superfast 5G mobile network in 2 cities, and there’s actually a phone you can buy right now to use with it

Verizon customers in Minneapolis and Chicago can now connect to Verizon's 5G mobile network — if they use or buy the Moto Z3 with its 5G attachment.

T-Mobile’s broadband strategy will focus on providing service to rural and underserved areas first

T-Mobile is launching a pilot to deliver in-home internet service using its wireless LTE network — starting with rural and underserved areas first.

AT&T’s controversial ‘5G E’ network is actually slower than existing LTE networks operated by Verizon and T-Mobile, according t...

AT&T's has been mired in controversy over its "5G E" network that some say make people thing AT&T customers have access to the new 5G network.

Huawei just upped the ante in its fight with the US in new lawsuit against the government

The Chinese tech giant announced it filed a lawsuit against the US government, which banned federal agents from using the equipment.