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Aaron Pico — the next superstar fighter like Conor McGregor?

Cage fighting’s ‘next great superstar’ tells us how he plans to ‘go for the kill’ in his fight on Saturday

Bellator prospect Aaron Pico told Business Insider how he was brought back from the dead after suffering a humiliating loss in his first fight last year.
Daniel Dubois.

18 under-the-radar athletes who will hit the big time in 2018

2018's young athletes to watch out for include the son of a football icon, the next Conor McGregor, and the best college basketball player on the planet.

The Muhammad Ali of MMA names 3 fighters who can be the next Conor McGregor

UFC legend Royce Gracie, considered the godfather of mixed martial arts, believes there are three Bellator prospects who could be the next Conor McGregor.