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Everyday stressors can take a toll on your body.

12 ways your skin can react to stress, according to a dermatologist

Stress can play a big part in your skin's overall health. From acne to sweat, we asked an expert for some ways that stress can affect your skin.
Dr. Lee cut open a man's ear lobe area where he had a cyst.

Dr. Pimple Popper treated a man with an ear cyst that spurted out a thick white substance

On Tuesday, dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee shared a video where she cut open a man's ear lobe and drained a large cyst filled with a thick liquid.
Dr. Sandra Lee.

Watch Dr. Pimple Popper drain a bloody cyst that reminded her of Shamu the whale

On Monday, dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee shared an Instagram video where she drained a bloody cyst and said it looked like the famous orca Shamu.
A bump may not be just acne.

11 skin bumps that look like pimples but aren’t

It may be easy to write off any lump or bump on your skin for a pimple but you could be confusing a different skin condition for acne.
A man messed with his girlfriend's diet and it caused a flare-up of acne.

A man gave his vegan girlfriend acne by secretly replacing her soy coffee creamer with a dairy one

The man said he wanted to prove that his vegan girlfriend's diet didn't make her skin better, but his plan backfired.
People will try some pretty unconventional things to get rid of acne.

8 of the most unconventional treatments people use to get rid of acne

Whether it means soaking your face in urine or getting a gold facial, here are some of the most unique acne treatments out there.

I used this $10 mud mask hoping to see minimal results, but was blown away by how clear my pores looked after just one use

The Rise 'N Shine Dead Sea Mud Mask is the miracle product my face has been needing, and it's only $10 on Amazon.
A dermatologist recently started his own platform for cheaper skin medications.

The doctor who helped create a skin-care line for Amazon just started a new website to take on drug companies that charge $2,000 for common creams

Prescriptions to treat acne, burns, and growths can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A new website will sell them for $24 to $60.

These new ‘invisible’ acne patches are thin enough to wear in public — and they clear my acne in just 6 hours

The new Invisible+ Mighty Patch can be worn during the day, so you can get rid of blemishes and be ready to go out with clear skin at night.

This acne gel that used to require a prescription is now on Amazon for $25 — and it completely cleared up my blemishes

Differin is a prescription strength retinoid acne treatment, and you used to need a prescription for it. Now, it's on Amazon for $25. I tried it and it worked wonders on my acne.