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The space shuttle Atlantis STS-135 lifts off from launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center.

Trump’s ‘Space Force’ could fuel a new $1 trillion economy, Morgan Stanley says

If President Donald Trump successfully organizes his so-called Space Force, it could speed up investment in what Morgan Stanley sees as the next trillion dollar economy.

Wall Street’s Tesla bulls are in trouble

Morgan Stanley's Adam Jonas thinks Tesla and SpaceX could have a beautiful Big Data friendship.
Adam Jonas

A longtime Tesla bull tones down his excitement and warns there are some ‘risks bubbling below the surface’

"Look no further than Amazon’s "fulfillment" and "shipping" expense line items in its income statement," Morgan Stanley's Adam Jonas said Friday.

Top Wall Street analyst thinks it might be time to sell Tesla and buy Ford

Ford is starting to look appealing to Wall Street. Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas boosted his target price for Ford to $15.
Hyundai A autonomous Ioniq.

Self-driving cars could fix automakers’ biggest business problem

Embracing self-driving cars means automakers could finally shed the sales cycle.
The Tesla Semi.

Tesla could have over 1,200 pre-orders for its new Semi

A Morgan Stanley analyst doesn't think the Semi will account for much of Tesla's market cap.
The Tesla Model 3.

Wall Street is obsessed with Tesla Model 3 production — but investors may be missing something more important

Tesla's manufacturing weakness is glaring and baffling, and that's why Tesla watchers are spending so much time drilling down on Model 3 production.

There’s growing speculation Tesla and SpaceX could merge — here’s why a deal would make sense

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas teased a tie-up between Elon Musk's companies.

Wall Street couldn’t be more wrong about Ford’s business

Ford's business has arguably never been better, but Morgan Stanley analysts Adam Jonas thinks a massive restructuring is needed.

Wall Street wants FCA to spin off Jeep and Maserati

Future IPO spinoffs are driving Wall Street's optimism.