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The 5 most addictive substances on the planet, ranked

To compare addictive drugs, scientists averaged 3 factors: physical harm, dependency or addiction, and social harm. Here are the top in the dependency category.
The average US life expectancy has dropped as suicide and overdose rates rise.

US life expectancy is experiencing its longest-running decline in 100 years, and it reveals a troubling trend

New reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that US life expectancy has dropped to 78.6 years.
Repetition compulsion means you're subconsciously trying to fix the past.

6 types of people to avoid getting into a relationship with

There are several types of people you should avoid getting into a romantic relationship with. This is because they are highly draining and a relationship with them is likely to end up being toxic and damaging, so look out for any red flags early on.

The FDA is preparing to crack down on e-cigs like the Juul — here’s why vaping is so dangerous

In studies of e-cigarettes (which don't include Juul), researchers have found evidence of toxic metals like lead in e-cig vapor. Some evidence also suggests vaping may be linked with an increased risk of heart attacks. A new survey finds that young Juul users aren't aware of these risks.

A ruling is imminent on the legality of a controversial drug that’s used to treat addiction — but some have called it a ‘dangerous o...

Government regulators are expected to soon rule on the legality of a controversial drug called kratom, a representative at the DEA told Business Insider.

‘Engineering overkill’: A potent new drug ‘1,000 times stronger than morphine’ is trying to solve a problem that doesn’t...

The US recently approved a potent new opioid called Dsuvia that dissolves under the tongue. Doctors say it's unnecessary and ill-equipped to solve problems.
Enablers suffer the effects of the addict's behaviour.

This 14-question test will tell you if you’re an enabler

An enabler is someone who sits back and watches someone else's destruction because it's easier — be it addiction, abuse, or other dangerous habit.
You may be able to spot signs of opioid addiction in a loved one.

6 signs someone may have an opioid addiction, and how to help

An addiction expert spoke to INSIDER about the possible signs that someone you love might be addicted to opioids.
Your body can become dependent on people as well as substances.

There’s a strong link between abuse and addiction — here’s why people get stuck in toxic cycles

Sometimes people are stuck in toxic relationships for many of the same reasons they are suffering with addiction.
Kratom pills

A mom’s newborn went into withdrawal, and doctors think a mysterious supplement with a viral following could be to blame

A woman used kratom — a plant used to curb pain and opioid cravings — while pregnant. Now, her newborn may be suffering withdrawal symptoms.