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A watercolor of the old registry office in Munich by former German dictator Adolf Hitler lies next to a catalog of his paintings and drawings at Weidler auction house in Nuremberg November 18, 2014.

No one wanted to buy Hitler’s paintings at an auction held in Germany amid public outrage and accusations of forgery

The watercolor paintings were put up for auction at the Weidler auction house in Nuremberg, Germany on Saturday.
Candace Owens is the communications director at Turning Point USA, a conservative advocacy group with close ties to President Donald Trump.

Rising conservative star Candace Owens is slammed over her newly surfaced Hitler comments

Candace Owens contended it's wrong to associate the word "nationalism" with the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

5 of the most controversial choices for TIME Person of the Year

TIME bases its choices on the person or thing that had the "the greatest impact on the news, for good or ill."

It’s been 78 years since the Battle of Britain — here are 14 photos of the Nazi onslaught in the skies of England

Nazi fighters and bombers and the RAF swarmed each other in the skies over Britain in the summer and fall of 1940, but Hitler's forces were ultimately rebuffed.
Did Nostradamus really predict JFK's assassination?

9 famous predictions by Nostradamus some people say foresaw the future

Nostradamus, a 16th century French apothecary who developed a reputation as an oracle, made a number of predictions that his adherents believe to be accurate. In reality, most of them are just so vaguely worded that they are easily applied to historical events.

Hitler died 73 years ago today — here’s how newspapers around the world reacted

When Adolf Hitler died by suicide in on April 30, 1945, it took newspapers two full days to confirm the news. By May 2, several newspapers reacted with bold, full-page headlines, and in some cases, cheery delight.

A high-ranking Russian politician is comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler

He said Trump could be called "Adolf Hitler no. 2 of our time."

What the living descendants of notorious dictators are doing today

Dictators like Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, and Pol Pot all have living family members.

A North Carolina lawmaker called Abraham Lincoln a ‘tyrant’ and compared him to Hitler

The controversial comments sparked immediate backlash during a back-and-forth with Facebook commenters.

Tillerson addresses comparisons of Assad to Hitler: ‘The characterization is one that President Assad has brought upon himself’

Rex Tillerson addressed controversial comments made by the White House press secretary comparing Bashar al-Assad's tactics to those used by Adolf Hitler.