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The Brawny Man.

Online voters think these are the 10 ‘sexiest’ brand mascots, and it says a lot about American marketing

According to a professor of marketing at NYU, creating a sexier Mr. Clean makes him more human, more relatable, and therefore, more marketable.
Last September, Dunkin' Donuts became Dunkin' in a major rebranding.

The hot trend in ultra-minimalist logos — think Mastercard or Dunkin’ — goes exactly against what makes people want to buy stuff

Today's trendy minimalist logos aren't authentic or likable, according to a new report in the Harvard Business Review.

Amazon’s new ad measurement tool, Comcast Ventures pitches for DTC brands, and The 3% Movement targets tech companies

Amazon's new measurement tool aims to show sellers that showrooming is a mainstream shopping tactic.
Absolut's iconic print ads generally featured the same two things: the bottle and the text.

21 of the most clever Absolut vodka print ads

Thanks to its ads, Absolut went from a niche brand to the most heavily advertised liquor in the world.
One of Peloton's ads.

An over-the-top Peloton ad showing the super-wealthy biking in penthouses, zen gardens, and sunrooms led to one of the year’s best Twitter threa...

The ads feature physically fit users cycling in modern, luxurious homes that often overlook a futuristic metropolis or expansive backyard.
YouTube's chief business officer Rob Kyncl.

Seeking nominations for executives who are leading the rise of free, ad-supported streaming services in 2019

Business Insider is launching a list of top executives who are leading the rise of free, ad-supported streaming video. We want to hear from you.
Some of the ads in question, which Facebook labels as advertisements, "about social issues, elections or politics."

Aside from the Trump campaign itself, the biggest spender on pro-Trump Facebook ads is reportedly a secretive New York-based newspaper

The Epoch Times is a non-profit media company that's tied to a religious sect. It's also the second highest spender on pro-Trump Facebook ads.

Coca-Cola is sold in all but 2 countries on Earth. Here’s what their ads look like around the world.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a bottle of bubbly Coke in Cuba and North Korea — but that wasn't always the case.
Email newsletter platform Substack wants to provide a high quality alternative to social media, and is following the success of Patreon's subscription model.

‘Ad models break everyone’s brains’: How Patreon and Substack are trying to make the internet a better place with membership and sub...

Patreon and Substack provide an alternative to social media's ad model with subscriptions. It's a healthy, sustainable option for creators and users.
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg and Susan Wojcicki have contributed to America’s gun violence crisis. Now they need to fix it.

Contributor Mike Shields argues that there should be a national anti-gun violence campaign, and that the tech CEOs should pay for it.