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A drone took these stunning photos of intense fog taking over Hong Kong’s skyline

Hong Kong has a pretty amazing skyline, especially at night. When the fog rolls in, it offers a whole different look to the city lights.

Devastating aerial photos of toxic waste all over the world

Industrial pollution is one of the primary sources for environmental contamination. J. Henry Fair has found a new way to bring attention to the severity of it.

14 stunning aerial photos of beaches around the world

"For me, the beach is a blank canvas made of interesting objects that, with careful eye, can be framed to make beautiful art."

These mind-bending aerial photos of Istanbul might give you vertigo

These surreal aerial photos taken by Aydin Büyütkaş will make you look twice.

Stunning aerial photos show the collision of man-made waterways and mines with actual nature

Photographer Alexander Heilner has always been interested in how the artificial and the natural coexist.