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Nurses are applauded by police and firefighters as they leave Kaiser Hospital at the end of their shift on May 14, 2020 in South San Francisco, California.

Coronavirus exposed the failures of America’s employer-based health insurance system

Nearly 27 million Americans are losing health coverage because of the coronavirus pandemic. Employer-based healthcare is a safety net full of holes.

Trump doubles down on pledge to eliminate Obamacare, even as the pandemic rages, calling it ‘lousy healthcare’

Trump has not yet offered a concrete health plan, nor fully explained how he would keep existing protections for people with health conditions.

Mitch McConnell tried to gut a CDC program directed at detecting and responding to infectious-disease outbreaks

McConnell and other Republicans have repeatedly tried to gut the CDC's program, but most of it ultimately survived.

The Trump administration is reminding people they can sign up for Obamacare coverage if coronavirus cost them their jobs — even as it fights to ...

The striking suggestion collides with the Trump administration's support of a lawsuit that would eliminate the Affordable Care Act.
FILE PHOTO: A man looks over the Affordable Care Act signup page on the HealthCare.gov website in New York in this photo illustration

Democrats are pushing for a boost to Obamacare in a coronavirus recovery bill as millions of people lose their health insurance

About 3.5 million workers likely lost their health insurance along with their jobs in the past two weeks.

Trump says it ‘doesn’t seem fair’ that 30 million Americans are uninsured and suggests he may expand Medicare or Medicaid

"It's something we're really going to look at, because it doesn't seem fair," Trump said of the fact that nearly 30 million Americans are uninsured.
People wait in line to enter a job fair in New York.

Scores of Americans are losing their health insurance along with their jobs. Here’s what the 2020 presidential candidates would do for them.

Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and President Donald Trump all have very different plans when it comes to improving the US healthcare system.
The US spends twice what other countries spend on healthcare, but America's health outcomes are far worse.

Twins survived breast cancer in different countries. One in the UK paid nothing for treatment, but her US-based sister paid $14,000.

The case study about the sisters, who are both in remission, was published in the British Medical Journal. It called for better access to US care.

Trump was asked how he would protect health coverage for pre-existing conditions if Obamacare was wiped out. Here’s his full answer.

"If we can get the House, you'll have the best healthcare, health insurance anywhere on the planet," Trump said at a Fox News town hall.
A young girl about to receive a vaccine.

Here’s why Obamacare would likely make any coronavirus vaccine free for patients — and prove critical in fighting the disease

There are more than 60 confirmed coronavirus cases in the US so far, and the outbreak is spreading around the world.