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Blake Fischer on his hunting trip posing with a giraffe

An Idaho wildlife official resigned after bragging about shooting a family of baboons and sharing photos of other animals he killed on a trip to Afric...

An Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner resigned this week after facing criticism for a recent hunting trip to Africa he boasted about in an email to more than 100 people. Blake Fischer shared photos of the hunt, posing with numerous animals he and his wife killed on a trip to Namibia.

An elephant charged at Melania Trump during her ‘Be Best’ tour of Africa

First Lady Melania Trump was almost knocked down by a baby elephant on Friday while on safari in Nairobi National Park in Kenya. She's on her first solo trip abroad as first lady.

Melania Trump is headed to Africa — take a look back at past first ladies’ trips to the continent

First lady Melania Trump is planning her first big solo international trip through several African countries in October. African countries have been a popular destination for first ladies on goodwill tours that sometimes bring aid or attention to the continent.
Zipline CEO and cofounder Keller Rinaudo.

IGNITION 2018: Hear from the Silicon Valley CEO whose startup is using drones to deliver blood bags

Hear from Keller Rinaudo at IGNITION as he discusses how robotics are transforming logistics and transportation and what his startup, Zipline, has planned for the future.
Migrants crossing the Sahara desert into Libya ride on the back of a pickup truck outside Agadez, Niger, May 9, 2016.

Trump wants Spain to build a wall across the Sahara desert, which is in Africa, to address the European migration crisis

President Donald Trump recently suggested to the Spanish government it should build a wall in the Sahara desert to address the migration crisis, according to Spain's foreign minister Josep Borrell.
Taylor co-founder Bob Taylor.

Taylor Guitars took a big risk by investing in an African sawmill — but according the company’s co-founder, it was a great move

San Diego-based Taylor Guitars has made a substantial investment in a sawmill in Cameroon to provide the innovative company with a sustainable supply of an essential wood, ebony. Under co-founder Bob Taylor's leadership, the company upgraded the sawmill to a high level of craftsmanship.
President Donald Trump

White supremacists celebrate Trump’s promotion of false narrative of white persecution in South Africa

President Donald Trump excited white nationalists when he unexpectedly announced that his administration would look into farm seizures and the "large scale killing" of white farmers in South Africa — a disputed claim promoted by some right wing and white supremacist groups in the country.

Google is opening an AI research center in Ghana

Google wants to increase its toehold in Africa, which is expected to one day be home to 25 percent of the world's population.
Donald Trump and Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari.

Trump doesn’t deny calling African countries ‘shitholes’ while meeting with Nigeria’s president

President Donald Trump was offered the opportunity to deny he once referred to African nations as 'shithole' countries while hosting Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari in Washington on Monday, but instead said there are "some countries that are in very bad shape."
Survey and mapping of the Al Wusta site.

Scientists just discovered an 88,000-year-old finger bone in Saudi Arabia that changes our understanding of human migration around the world

The bone indicates that early human migrations may have happened more often than previously thought, and to regions scientists hadn't suspected.