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Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, and Microsoft worse at transcribing black people’s voices than white people’s with AI voice recognition, study...

Previous studies have shown that AI systems like facial recognition can become engrained with racial bias.

Mark Zuckerberg just confirmed that a widespread Facebook bug was blocking news articles — but said it had no relation to coronavirus

The Facebook boss confirmed that the bug was "widespread," but said it had no connection to the platform's crackdown on coronavirus misinformation.

These clothes use outlandish designs to trick facial recognition software into thinking you’re not human

Privacy-focused designers, academics, and activists have designed wearable accessories and clothes meant to thwart facial recognition tech.

Clearview AI scraped billions of photos from social media to build a facial recognition app that can ID anyone — here’s everything you nee...

From obscurity to controversy, here is a walkthrough of everything that's happened so far with Clearview AI.
Actor turned investor Ashton Kutcher appeared on the YouTube interview show "Hot Ones" in September 2019.

Ashton Kutcher dropped a big hint that he may be a user of a controversial facial recognition app while eating hot wings on YouTube last year

When Ashton Kutcher isn't appearing in hit TV shows, he's an investor — and that may have granted him access to a controversial facial recognition app
Pope Francis has embraced technology but has also warned of potential consequences.

The pope has joined forces with Microsoft and IBM to create a doctrine for ethical AI and facial recognition. Here’s how the Vatican wants to sh...

The Vatican announced its plan for an ethical approach to AI development, arguing for things like transparency, inclusion, impartiality, and privacy.
An animation demonstrates how Facebook's AI converts a 2D image into a 3D structure.

Facebook just rolled out a new tool that uses AI to turn photos into 3D renderings — here’s how it works

Most Android and iOS devices will be able to use the new 3D Photos tool, as Facebook tries to establish itself as a leader in AI.
Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc., Google's parent company, Eric Schmidt speaks during a National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) conference November 5, 2019 in Washington, DC. The commission on Artificial Intelligence held a conference on "Strength Through Innovation: The Future of A.I. and US National Security."

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says China could supplant Silicon Valley as the world’s tech powerhouse unless the US government steps in

Eric Schmidt helped Google conquer the world. Now he's concerned that China is going to overtake American tech, and he wants the US government's help.

This browser tool uses AI to fix an exploit even Mark Zuckerberg is afraid of

Privacy-minded people cover up their webcams with paper. This tool provides a more high-tech solution to protect against webcam spying.