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MFA advises all Singaporeans to defer non-essential travel to Jammu & Kashmir and Pakistan

The Pulwama attack on Feb 14 has led to escalating tensions between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan just shot down 2 Indian jets and carried out air strikes in Kashmir, but says it doesn’t want a war

A video released shows a soldier, whose face is bloodied and blindfolded. He gives his name and service number, before saying: "I'm sorry sir, that's all I'm supposed to tell you."

Netanyahu reportedly believes the US will order a military strike in Syria following suspected chemical attack

On Monday, President Donald Trump said a decision would be made on how to respond to the chemical attack in Syria "within 48 hours."

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff explains the US’s ‘annihilation campaign’ against ISIS

The US-led coalition's shift to an "annihilation campaign" against ISIS comes in response to the terror group's capabilities and tenacity.

Watch a US-led precision airstrike annihilate one of ISIS’s concealed positions

The air strike was conducted on March 13 and was part of a string of strikes against the militant group throughout Iraq and Syria.

US-led airstrikes target ISIS chemical weapons sites near Mosul

The Wednesday bombardment is the initial round of airstrikes aimed at diminishing the militant group's ability to use mustard agent.

The air war against ISIS is costing the US about $11 million a day

Fighting the terrorist group ISIS from the air is coming at a high price for US taxpayers.

The US military has released footage of it demolishing ISIS positions throughout Iraq

The US military has released a new series of videos highlighting the anti-ISIS coalition's latest string of successful airstrikes against the militant group.