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The WTO gave Trump a huge win this week, after its record ruling on tariffs.

The EU signaled it won’t retaliate after Trump said he’d slap Europe with $7.5 billion in tariffs

The EU says negotiation is a "preferred approach," the Wall Street Journal reported. It's a sign Europe wants to avoid a full-blown trade war with the US.
Donald Trump and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

The US will reportedly slap $7.5 billion worth of tariffs on European imports

Earlier Wednesday, the WTO reached a historic ruling that authorized the US to impose punitive tariffs on $7.5 billion worth of European products.

Trump wins biggest-ever WTO ruling, opening the door for $7.5 billion of tariffs on Europe

Trump had been looking to hit the EU with tariffs on aircraft parts and luxury goods due to a dispute that subsidies were given to Airbus and Boeing.
The World Trade Organization has found airplane makers Airbus and Boeing received billions in illegal subsidies.

The WTO will reportedly give Trump a green light to slap tariffs on a record $7.5 billion worth of EU goods this week

The World Trade Organization is expected to grant the record award after finding both Airbus and Boeing received billions in illegal subsidies.

Uber and Blade have a new helicopter competitor in the United States — and it’s backed by one of the world’s largest aerospace compa...

Airbus' Voom will provide helicopter flights around the San Francisco Bay area for prices that are competitive with Uber and Blade.
Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury has hit back at the tariffs.

The CEO of Airbus warns that Trump’s trade war with Europe is a ‘lose-lose game’ for both sides

The comments come as the EU reportedly weighed a $4 billion tariff hike on the US over a decades-long standoff between Boeing and Airbus.
Donald Trump and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

The EU is reportedly considering tariffs on $4 billion worth of US products

The EU proposal has not yet been officially agreed to, according to Bloomberg, and faced opposition from at least one member of the bloc.
Airspace Connected Experience wants to create a new personalised experience for passengers and provide opportunities for improving airlines’ ancillary revenues and operational efficiencies.

Airbus is introducing a feature on its new planes to track everything you do, including how often you use the bathroom

The Internet of Things platform links real-time information from cabin components to create a more personalized — and digitally traceable — experience.
President Donald Trump posing for photo with law enforcement in front of a Boeing VC25 operating as Air Force One.

The Boeing 747 and the Airbus A330 are two of the most popular choices for presidential jets. Here’s how the world’s leaders travel.

The Boeing 747 jumbo jet and the Airbus A330 are popular choices for world leaders looking to make a splash.

A Seattle musician made a song using sounds recorded on SIA’s A350 plane – and the result is genius

The new music track includes a recording of a mid-flight announcement by a Singapore Girl.