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China's DF-26 "carrier killer" missile takes flight in unprecedented test footage.

China’s new ‘carrier killer’ video is a treasure trove of military intel that should worry the US Navy

The unprecedented video offered a treasure trove of military intelligence to the US about the DF-26, including that US carriers are at grave risk.
Sailors man the rails of the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford during its commissioning ceremony at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia.

The Navy’s newest aircraft carrier got a long-missing piece of gear in December, helping to solve a problem the Navy secretary has bet his job o...

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer once said he'd bet his job on finally outfitting the USS Gerald R. Ford with its weapons elevators.
Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Chancellorsville and container ship USNS 2nd Lt. John P. Bobo behind the Navy's forward deployed aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan, during Valiant Shield 2018.

A Chinese admiral said his country should ‘attack’ US supercarriers with new weapons, but the US Navy is already scrambling to counter the...

China's military advances threaten the US Navy's effectiveness in disputed waters near China, a reality the Navy is looking for ways to counter.
A S-3A Viking from the anti-submarine squadron VS-37 aboard the aircraft carrier USS Constellation, December 11 1986.

The US Navy’s carriers have a gaping hole in their defenses against a growing threat, and drones may soon fill it

The Navy phased out several aircraft after the Cold War. Now, with similar threats emerging, it may need to find new ways to regain old abilities.
An F-35B during tanker testing over the Patuxent River corridor in October 2015.

Japan unveiled new plans for an F-35 aircraft carrier — and it’s a Chinese navy killer

The new F-35 carriers will not only give Japan its first true aircraft carriers since World War II, but seem ideal for taking on the Chinese navy.
Indian sailors aboard anti-submarine corvette INS Kadmatt arrive in Manila for a four-day goodwill visit in the Philippines, October 3, 2017.

India is beefing up its navy to counter China’s increasingly powerful fleet

India has watched China's increasingly active fleet venture into the Indian Ocean in recent years, and its making plans to maintain its advantage.
USS Long Island (CVE-1) underway in 1943.

9 photos of WWII escort aircraft carriers, the US Navy’s small but effective hunter-killers that defeated Germany’s U-boats

By the war's end, US escort carriers had sunk 53 German U-boats, as well as more German U-tankers.

US aircraft carriers are spending less time deployed for war — which could become a problem as the US Navy prepares to take on China and Ru...

Aircraft carriers have long been symbols of America's ability to project power anywhere in the world, but carriers are spending less and less time deployed. Carrier deployment rates are the lowest in over two decades as the US military enters a time of renewed great power competition.
Thailand's Chakri Naruebet aircraft carrier.

These are the world’s 7 worst aircraft carriers that are currently in service

These commissioned aircraft carriers were built for combat, but have a history of breaking down or repeated problems with conducting the full range of missions that they were built to perform.
A crane moves the lower stern into place on the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy at Huntington Ingalls Shipbuilding in Newport News, Virginia, making the second Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier 50% structurally complete, June 22, 2017.

The US Navy’s next supercarrier is 50% complete — watch the latest 1,000-ton chunk drop into place

Huntington Ignalls has been working on the John F. Kennedy since 2011. Now the Navy's next aircraft carrier is halfway finished and could be in the service's hands within five years.