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RANKED: The 20 best airlines in the world

Singapore Airlines is the best airline in the world according to Skytrax. SIA moved up one spot from 2017 to dethrone Qatar Airways. Airlines from Asia dominate the top echelon of the Skytrax ranking taking nine of the first 10 spots.
Asia holds the highest number of spots in the 10 best airlines in the world.

The 10 best airlines in the world, according to travellers

One UK airline made TripAdvisor's list — and it wasn't British Airways.

I fly dozens of times a year, and my favorite airline is British Airways — here’s why

British Airways is always my top choice when I book the dozens of flights I take each year. The airline flies to over 200 destinations, and their loyalty program is top tier. When it comes to comfort, customer service, and rewards, British Airways is top notch. Here's why I always fly with them.

The 19 worst airports in the world

Your flying experience doesn't just depend on what airline you're flying with — but also what airport you're flying from. AirHelp has named and shamed the worst airports in the world in its annual AirHelp Score.

The CEO of Qatar Airways apologized for saying a woman couldn’t do his job

The CEO of Qatar Airways, where women make up nearly half the workforce, apologized for saying that a woman couldn't do his job because it is "very challenging." In his apology, Akbar al Baker said the airline was the first to employ female pilots and one of the first to train female engineers.
Tigerair Australia.

What it’s like to fly on Tigerair, the cheapest airline in the world

Low-cost carrier Tigerair Australia was recently named the cheapest airline in the world in a report published by travel search company Rome2rio, with flights costing an estimated $0.06 per km (US dollars) on average.
Hawaii's Mount Kilauea.

Why planes don’t fly during a volcanic eruption

Hawaii's Mount Kilauea erupted early Thursday morning at 4:00 a.m. local time. The explosive eruption sent ash clouds as high as 30,000 feet. Ash clouds can wreak havoc on modern airliners.

One statistic shows why passengers share the blame for uncomfortable flights

An MSN poll found that only 6% of American picked the airlines they fly with based on the comfort of the experience while 51% of people chose their flights based primarily on price.
A Spirit Airlines Airbus

America’s leader in cheap flights is adding a new feature to its planes that customers will love

Spirit Airlines announced that its entire fleet of Airbus jet will have WiFi by the summer of 2019. WiFi is expected to cost around $6.50 per flight, but prices may vary based on demand and usage needs.