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Malaysia Airlines is still well-loved by Malaysians – but not quite by Singaporeans and Hong Kongers

Customers of Malaysia Airlines are most likely married men aged 30 to 44, who earn more than RM10,000 a month.
The fight occurred on a flight from Scotland to Spain (not pictured).

A fight broke out on a Ryanair flight after a man reportedly got angry that another passenger wasn’t wearing any shoes

Two men were detained after a fight broke out on a recent Ryanair flight from Scotland to Tenerife, Spain, the airline has confirmed.
He's got it!

A pilot bought 70 hamburgers to feed hungry passengers after a flight was delayed

The pilot bought everyone a customized burger to munch on while they waited for the flight to leave from Tulsa, Oklahoma.
A woman (not pictured) wearing a crop top was told she was dressed inappropriately on a plane.

An airline apologized after threatening to throw a 21-year-old woman off a plane because she was wearing a crop top

Thomas Cook staff told the young woman she was "causing offence" and her outfit was "inappropriate." She was left feeling sexualized and ridiculed.
Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian.

Delta CEO explains why paying employees to volunteer in the community is good for business

Delta's volunteer program is expected to fund 640,000 service hours in 13,000 communities around the world.
A few of your common habits could be causing your airport security experience to take even longer.

10 common mistakes that can slow you down at airport security

From not packing properly to wearing certain clothing items, here are some common things that can slow you down at airport security and exactly how to avoid them.
Most airlines charge you for checked baggage, but not all airlines charge extra fees for a carry-on bag.

How much luggage you can bring on every US domestic flight and how much it will cost you

Here's how many pieces of luggage, bags, carry-ons, and personal items you can bring on these US domestic airlines and how much it'll cost you.

Singapore Airlines launches a digital innovation lab called KrisLab – where employees use tech tools to ideate and collaborate

One of the VR technology tools allows SIA designers to efficiently conceptualise and modify future cabin designs.
Gulfstreams are slated to be some of the trendiest private jets spotted at Davos this year.

World leaders are flocking to Davos this week in private jets that are more lavish than ever

One estimate says that 1,500 private jets are slated to land in and take off from Davos.
Pakistan International Airlines.

A Pakistani airline told its ‘overweight’ cabin crew that if they don’t slim down, they won’t be able to fly

Flight attendants who are currently 30lbs (13.6kg) over the limit have six months to lose the weight if they wish to continue flying.