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American Airlines is rallying after saying it will raise bag fees

Shares of American airlines jumped more than 4% Friday after it joined Delta Air Lines and United Airlines in raising the fee of one checked bag from $25 to $30.
A Jet Airways Boeing 737.

Passengers on a Jet Airways flight ended up with bloody ears and noses after pilots forgot to pressurize the plane

Pilots of a Jet Airways flight from Mumbai to Jaipur in India forgot to pressurize the Boeing 737's cabin, leading some passengers to report bleeding from their ears and noses due to low cabin-pressure levels, CNN reported.

Emirates denies report that it is looking to take over Etihad to create global mega-airline

Emirates Airline has denied a report that it is considering a takeover of fellow Persian Gulf carrier Etihad. Bloomberg reported that the Dubai, United Arab Emirates-based airline could take over its financially challenged rival to create the world's largest airline in terms of passenger traffic.
Delta Air Lines economy cabin.

My Delta flight got canceled before a busy holiday weekend, and I discovered the greatest argument for basic economy

My flight in basic economy on Delta Air Lines was canceled hours before takeoff. My interaction with the Delta customer service convinced me that basic-economy fares have an advantage over low-cost carriers.
Airlines need more pilots.

Airlines are ‘desperate’ for new pilots, and the shortage is contributing to canceled routes that are taking a toll on smaller cities

Airlines are facing an increasing pilot shortage. That's largely because fewer young people are interested in the industry and training requirements have changed. As a result, some smaller carriers have had to cancel flights and routes, leading smaller cities to lose many travel options.

United has joined JetBlue in hiking its checked bag fee to $30, and people are furious

United Airlines became the second major US carrier to hike its fee for checked baggage in recent weeks, joining JetBlue Airlines in charging $30 for the first checked bag and $40 for a second checked bag. People were not happy about the change.

The $446 million Airbus A380 is the largest and most expensive airliner in the world. Take a look inside.

The Airbus A380 is the most expensive airliner in the world, at $446 million. It's also the largest, with room for more than 800 passengers. A while back, we took a behind-the-scenes tour of an A380 belonging to Etihad Airways.
TV screens, installed on board of an Airbus A350 XWB flight-test aircraft.

How to avoid the worst seat on the plane

The middle seat is arguably the most dreaded place to be on a flight. It's never fun being stuck between two strangers fighting for elbow room. Here are a few strategies to help you avoid getting stuck in the middle.

Emirates launched a new flight targeted at a small city in New Jersey that most Americans have never heard of — and it’s a brilliant strat...

Emirates launched a new non-stop flight between Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey and Dubai. The flights are targeted towards New Jersey's large population of individuals from the Indian subcontinent.

Hurricane Lane is wreaking havoc on Hawaii. Here’s how US airlines are responding.

Hurricane Lane is bearing down on Hawaii with heavy rain, winds, and severe flooding. Major US airlines like American, Delta, United, Alaska, and Hawaiian are all offering fee waivers for those who change their reservations.