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The "rice pudding mouse" by Alexander Herrmann.

You can now get a Michelin-star meal on a Lufthansa flight — but only if you’re a kid

The German airline Lufthansa recruited a celebrity chef to create a new children's menu. The dishes were chosen by a panel of 13 kids in March.

Singapore Airlines is adding healthy meals by award-winning Como Shambhala to its menu

Unhealthy airplane food no more. Singapore Airlines is adding healthy food to its menu.
Spoiler: It did not disappoint.

I took a $5,400 Emirates business-class flight that famously serves 3-course meals from Dubai to NYC — and it was the best food I’ve ever...

I've flown on dozens of airlines, but I got to fly Emirates business class for the first time last week. The food was better than any I've had.
Economy food on one airline — like Japan Airlines, left — can be vastly different in standard compared to another — like American Airlines, right.

This Instagram account shows how drastically different economy plane food can be on airlines around the world

The account invites travellers to share their 'Airplane Food Selfies,' and the pictures show wild variations in standards.
Crop One Holdings' vertical farm in Massachusetts.

Dubai is getting the world’s largest vertical farm — and it will grow produce for the world’s largest international airport

Crop One, a Silicon Valley food startup, and Emirates Flight Catering, one of the world's largest airline catering operators, are building an indoor farm that will produce three tons of greens daily. The crops will be used for in-flight meals for 105 airlines at Dubai International Airport.

The way United Airlines chooses your in-flight meal is far more intricate than you’d think

United Airlines just debuted a slew of new onboard dining options — some of which might actually make you hungry.