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Choosing a good movie can improve your flight.

19 of the best movies to watch on a plane

Traveling isn't always fun but watching these movies can make your next flight a little more bearable.
Jetstar is a low-cost Australian airline headquartered in Melbourne.

An airline passenger says a flight attendant was ‘slut-shaming’ her because she wore a crop top

A Jetstar passenger said she was slut-shamed by a flight attendant because of her outfit. She said the airline gave her a $50 voucher and apologized.

Assigned seats on Southwest? Here’s how a major change would set the company apart from other airlines

Southwest built a legacy on not charging for extras — but one Wall Street analyst has a theory on how those frills could help the airlines' bottom line.

Singapore Airlines launches a digital innovation lab called KrisLab – where employees use tech tools to ideate and collaborate

One of the VR technology tools allows SIA designers to efficiently conceptualise and modify future cabin designs.
Economy food on one airline — like Japan Airlines, left — can be vastly different in standard compared to another — like American Airlines, right.

This Instagram account shows how drastically different economy plane food can be on airlines around the world

The account invites travellers to share their 'Airplane Food Selfies,' and the pictures show wild variations in standards.

18 things flight attendants wish you would stop doing

From crowding the galley to walking around barefoot, here are things flight attendants wish you'd stop doing on a plane.

10 of the wildest things airport employees have seen on the job

Airplane travel is always a bit of an adventure so of course, these airport employees have seen some pretty wild things.
These were the best airline carriers in 2018.

10 best airlines to travel on, according to travelers

TripAdvisor ranked airlines based on reviews to find the top 10 best airlines of this year.

The best place to sit on a plane if you want to get a good night’s sleep

Getting some shut-eye on planes is a common goal, but it is never that easy. We talked to an expert to see which plane seat is best.

14 things you never knew about airplane black boxes, one of the most important things on your flight

Black boxes play a key role in finding out why plane crashes happened and INSIDER found out some interesting facts about how they work.