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A man says he accidentally swallowed his AirPod and found that it still worked after passing through his digestive system: ‘The battery was stil...

A man in Taiwan swallowed his AirPod while sleeping and found that it still worked, according to The Daily Mail. He passed the device naturally.

Everything we know about the new AirPods Apple could release later this year

Apple may release two new pairs of AirPods in late 2019 or early 2020. One model will feature an all-new design and may sell for a higher price.
Keep the watch close to your wrist for optimum performance.

Apple says products like the Apple Watch and Airpods are doing so well, its wearables business is as big as a Fortune 200 company

In Apple's Q2 2019 earnings call, CEO Tim Cook said that the company's wearables business experienced sensational growth.
The Powerbeats Pro.

Beats is releasing its first pair of truly wireless earbuds soon — here’s when you’ll be able to buy them

Beats has announced that its Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones will be released on May 10 and will be available for pre-order starting May 3.

Apple could release two new versions of AirPods later this year with a new design and noise cancelling

Apple's third generation of AirPods with a new design and noise cancelling could arrive in late 2019.

5 tips and tricks to get the most out of your AirPods

Apple's AirPods already offer convenient features like automatic pairing, but there are a few tweaks you can make to get more out of the experience.

Stop wearing your AirPods at the gym

Apple's wireless earbuds have become a common sight at the gym these days. But you shouldn't wear AirPods while working out.

I’ve tried countless wireless headphones for working out, but I keep coming back to this $60 pair

Despite the passage of time and newer designs, I keep coming back to Urbanears' Hellas wireless headphones, which even include machine-washable parts.

Microsoft is reportedly working on its own AirPods-style earbuds, codenamed ‘Morrison’

Meanwhile, Apple is supposedly making its own over-the-ear headphones, like Microsoft's Surface Headphones.

This $70 accessory is a must if you want to play your Nintendo Switch with wireless headphones

Do you wish you could play your Nintendo Switch at night without disturbing others? Now you can.