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Singapore, Malaysian foreign ministers to meet here on Jan 8

The dispute over airspace would be on the agenda of the meeting.

Heng Swee Keat calls on KL to cease intrusions by govt vessels

"We will not hesitate to take firm actions to protect Singapore's sovereignty and territory."

Singapore extends its own port limits and says it will act firmly if Malaysian vessels continue to intrude

"Malaysia has never laid claim to these waters, or protested our actions there. Now, out of the blue, Malaysia is claiming these territorial waters that belong to Singapore."

Singapore-KL ties hit by disputes over waters and airspace

Singapore-Malaysia ties took a sudden turn on two fronts.

Qatar accuses UAE aircraft of violating its airspace: agency

Qatar has filed a com...

The FAA’s list of drone sightings and near misses with planes is frightening

Drones are increasingly venturing into restricted airspace and flying dangerously close to airplanes and helicopters, according to the latest FAA report.