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Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions in October 2016.

Trump gloated after his former Attorney General Jeff Sessions failed to win the Alabama GOP Senate primary outright, blaming it on disloyalty

Sessions has been forced into a runoff against opponent Tommy Tuberville. Trump suggested that Sessions' handling of the Russia probe was to blame.

Roy Moore claims he lost his Senate race because of ‘election fraud’ — now he wants Alabama to delay certification of the results

Moore, an Alabama Republican, lost the December 12 special election to the Democrat Doug Jones by more than 20,000 votes. He has refused to concede.
Roy Moore.

Roy Moore still refuses to concede — and he asked supporters to donate to an ‘election integrity fund’ to find voter fraud

Roy Moore told supporters on Friday that the race is "not over." He is collecting donations to investigate incidents of voter fraud.
Roy Moore.

Roy Moore refuses to concede a day after losing to his Democratic rival in the Alabama Senate race

Roy Moore released a video statement Wednesday night that included quotes from Bible scripture. He made clear he was not ready to concede.
Doug Jones celebrates on election night in Alabama, December 12, 2017.

Meet Doug Jones, who put Ku Klux Klan members in prison and just became the first Democratic senator from Alabama this century

Here's a look back at Doug Jones' political life before he beat Roy Moore for the US Senate seat from Alabama on Tuesday.

Alabama Senate special election results

Voters in Alabama are about to decide whether Republican candidate Roy Moore or Democrat Doug Jones will represent the deep red state in the US Senate.
Alabama Senate candidates Doug Jones and Roy Moore.

Roy Moore supporters make a final push for votes in a grueling Alabama special election

Roy Moore and his supporters gathered for a final rally in Midland City, Alabama, the evening before voters were to head to the polls on Tuesday.
Kayla Moore and Roy Moore.

Roy Moore’s wife: We can’t be anti-Semitic, because ‘one of our attorneys is a Jew’

Allies of President Donald Trump turned out Monday night to support Roy Moore, the Republican US Senate candidate in Alabama, hours before polls were to open.