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A live-action sequel to Disney's 2019 "Aladdin" is in the works.

Disney has 21 live-action movies of its animated classics planned — here they all are

Disney is bringing back its classics for a new generation of kids. A "Robin Hood" remake and sequel to the live-action "Aladdin" are on the way.
Elsa singing "Let It Go" in "Frozen."

The 49 all-time best songs made for movies, ranked

See where songs like "Shallow," "Let It Go," "Danger Zone" and "Circle of Life" rank as the best movie songs of all time.
Billy Magnussen and Mena Massoud.

Billy Magnussen is set to reprise his role in an ‘Aladdin’ spinoff. Meanwhile, lead actor Mena Massoud revealed he hasn’t had ‘...

Magnussen will reprise his role as Prince Anders in the feature, which is in early development for Disney Plus, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
"Cinderella," "The Lion King," and "Aladdin" are some of Disney's remakes.

16 of Disney’s remakes of its animated classics, ranked

From 2015's "Cinderella" to 2019's "The Lion King," see how critics graded all of Disney's live-action remakes.
The artist reimagined John Smith from "Pocahontas."

An artist turns Disney characters into realistic portraits, and the results are magical

Jirka Väätäinen has re-created some of the most classic Disney characters — like Belle, Cinderella, Ursula, and Elsa — to appear more realistic.

15 gifts for “Aladdin” fans — from a themed LEGO set to pair of Jasmine-inspired ears

Here are 15 gifts for anyone who's a fan of Disney's "Aladdin" whether they love the live-action remake or know all the lines to the animated classic.
Jasmine and Aladdin find each other at the movie's start in the Agrabah market.

‘Aladdin’ producer explains why they made changes from the animated movie: ‘We didn’t think it held up in today’s day an...

Ahead of the release of "Aladdin" on Blu-ray, producer Dan Lin spoke with INSIDER about bringing the live-action movie to screen for a new generation.
Jasmine gets her time to shine with her own song in "Aladdin."

How Jasmine’s empowering song ‘Speechless’ came together for the live-action ‘Aladdin’

Producer Dan Lin tells INSIDER how an update to Jasmine inspired "Speechless." Watch an exclusive clip featuring Naomi Scott going behind-the-scenes.
Are you ready for a sequel to "Aladdin"?

‘Aladdin’ producer hints a possible sequel to the Disney live-action movie is in the works

The remake of the live-action movie grossed over $1 billion worldwide. Producer Dan Lin told INSIDER they're looking at "the right story to tell."

I was afraid the Aladdin musical would be just another Disney remake – but it was a magical whole new world indeed

I was a little hesitant about going to see another “reworked” Disney classic. But Aladdin, now showing in Singapore, was really fun and exciting.