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Although algae can kill marine life, oceanic microalgae also produces about 50% of the oxygen humans breathe.

Researchers built AI technology that uses algae to fight climate change, and they’re planning on releasing the design so anyone can build one

Algae absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. With help from AI, a new bioreactor could draw out more greenhouse gas than trees.
The dog, Fina.

Another dog has died after swimming in a lake infested with toxic blue-green algae

Tamra Massey, a woman from Boerne, Texas, believes her dog, Fina, ate toxic blue-green algae and died.
A doggy play date went wrong on Thursday.

3 dogs died after playing in a pond with toxic algae: ‘We are gutted’

A doggy play date went wrong when 3 dogs became fatally ill after swimming in a pond. The animals were poisoned by blue-green algae.
A worker clears Sargassum algae at Gaviota Azul beach in Cancun, Mexico, July 17, 2015. Sargassum releases a pungent smell as it decomposes.

The algae epidemic suffocating the Caribbean has hit a scary milestone — the world’s largest seaweed bloom now stretches from Africa to Me...

NASA satellites have identified the world's largest seaweed bloom. A leading algae researcher says this is probably the new normal.
Jamba's new Vanilla Blue Sky smoothie contains spirulina, a blue-green algae.

Jamba has a new name, a new look, and a new blue algae smoothie — here’s how it tastes

Jamba's new Vanilla Blue Sky smoothie is boosted with spirulina, a blue-green algae. We tasted it, and it's actually pretty good.

The Olympic water polo pool has turned green, too

Less than 24 hours after the Olympic diving pool turned green, the neighboring water polo pool has also turned green. Nope!

This is the first book of photos ever made, and it’s only images of British algae

A British botanist made history with the first book of photographic work ever made.